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OP...I just wanted to say I'd find it funny. :) I would be laughing so hard to hear him roaring like that. I don't see why the rest of you are so concerned, she clearly stated this isn't something that happens all the time. I wouldn't necessarily help him clean up, but leave all the "supplies" he needs to clean up in the garage for him. I'm chuckling over this. :p
I think this is a terrible idea. Even if they were having problems in their marriage, she does not own him.     
My son has gone into a small corner store several times to buy something for me like milk...he's 8. He handles it perfectly well. 
I don't know. I remember being around 7 and taking a bath with my friend. I don't think it's necessarily something to be worried about. 
When my babies/toddlers got to the age of lots of ins and outs i definitely preferred my ergo over a wrap or mei tai. With the ergo I could leave it snapped around my waist and hanging down when the kid wasn't in it, and it was just one buckle to snap in when it was time to carry somebody. 
OP, I would not feel guilty about your daughter doing well sleeping on her own and nursing less. If you feel like offering some more, then that's fine, but it is called CLW for a reason. You are meeting her needs and following her leads, at least, that's how it sounds to me. My oldest child nursed until he was almost 4, my youngest until he was just 3, and my middle child only nursed until shortly after 2. I remember I felt such guilt over my middle boy weaning so early,...
haha..well i found it hilarious :)
I don't know where the OP is from, but the PP's profile says she's from the St Louis area. A quick google gave me this:   http://www.stlcc.edu/student_resources/Campus_Services/Child_Care_Grants.html  
I would look into university daycares near you. I attend an urban university and the campus daycare, which is a lovely place and NAEYC accredited, has grants for daycare for students that cover the cost of tuition. Well, I think it costs me $5 a week to send my son full time there. This daycare recieved funds for these grants through a grants from the goverment. Shorthand it is CCAMPIS. http://www2.ed.gov/programs/campisp/faq.html#q4 Eligibility for these grants depends...
My 8 yo gets $5 a week..his to spend as he pleases. 
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