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Honestly, he's 4 its normal, and not all kids are the same. My 4 year old niece is sugar and spice and DD at 4 was high needs, constantly throwing tantrums, etc. Your friend should know that.
According to my brilliant brother. She's a people magnet, I see it everytime I take her to school or to other places where other kids mingle. The others ask her if she wants to play, she sasy "No" but not in the "I'm shy" tone, much more in a "Leave me alone" one. So I see that she prefers to be the lonely kid in the playground, I encourage her to play with the others and she says that she doesn't like them. She just finished Kindy, and she didn't really made friends...
Strawberry Almond Tart Did that last month, it was delicious!! I'm going to try the Starwberry frozen yogurt myself next week.
And I'm called a zionist becuase I'm "anti Palestine", no flames, don't ask. I'm just against it. But I'm against several things the Israeli government has done, does that make me antisemitic?? Umm no, I don't think so. I'm a jew, pretty secular now though but I'm still a jew. I lived for several years in Jerusalem as a child, becuase of the difficult situation my country was going through, but it granted my family and I the status of citizens in Israel, my DD is one...
It doesn't surprise me one bit, Arizona is a very racist state.
It'ss not Turkish thing only, my mom's the same way and she's Georgian.
Nah you didn't, I did
ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet I'm killing this thread as well.
Yes, becuase otherwise the house would be a mess.
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