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That's great news!!
Great what's the news?
With DD1 I was in labor for 8 hours, DD2 was 6 hours, and with DD3 It was almost an hour when they broke my water. I have to say the shorter the labor the more intense it felt to me and more painful.
Thank you all!!
So here is a short version of my birth story lol. I finally find a midwife that delievers in the hospital, cause in Alaska after 42 weeks you can not deleiver at home. Thats what my midwife before kept telling me. Anyways I go in for an apt on August 30th at 12 noon. She checks me and I am 2.5cm at 42+3weeks. She gets me a room at the hospital cause she thinks my bag is no longer there. Which would have broken last Sunday. When we get there she inserts a pill to get...
Quote: Originally Posted by Amanda_Reyasmom Congratulations! How do you pronounce her name? Rhianna is how we kind of say it lol.... Ree yana, sorry its hard to explain lol.
Had my little girl August 30th, 8lbs 10oz and 21in at 42+3weeks. I will post my birth story later but I didn't get my home waterbirth.
gave birth 8/30
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