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Quote: Originally Posted by brightonwoman Here's the actual pool I got http://www.amazon.com/Intex-Center-2...9737124&sr=8-3 here's the review i left for it I bought this pool to use for my homebirth and I was very happy with it. It is comparable depth to other 'fishy pools' available from waterbirth suppliers, and of comparable price but with amazons free shipping of course it was a bargain! Fishy pools in general are not as deep as name brand birth...
Quote: Originally Posted by Icequeen_in_ak In other news... I'm soooooooo over this weather It's seriously depressing us. One day of sun every 10-12 days is NOT ENOUGH. Hubby and I are seriously contemplating selling everything (our business, both houses, vehicles, everything) and jumping in the RV and just fulltime RVing for a couple of years. We think it would be an amazing experience for the kiddo. Instead of studying the grand canyon in a...
Quote: Originally Posted by brightonwoman i got a fishy pool on amazon $38 + free ship to AK nak I will look on amazon....thank you so much.
Thats a great idea....thanks Tammy. I will have to ask around. My MIL is able to go on base but she works so is not able to take us at all.
Also I am looking to buy a cheap birthing tub, anyone know where I can get one? Wouldn't mind borrowing one either cause this is my last home waterbirth. Looking for something with wide sides so I can lean on it. The last waterbirth I had the Aqua Doula and didn't like it. Thanks
Hello mama's. I have a question for anyone in Anchorage or Eagle River. So what is there to do in town with the kids that doesn't cost anything? Since the weather has not been so good and I really need to get my 5yr old out of the house and to run around. She has too much energy, so does my almost 2yr old. Plus I need to get out of the house. Will be 37 weeks prego this friday and that alone is almost too much lol. I am just going stir crazy lol. I guess I am just...
I want to join. My edd is 8/13 but thinking she will come around the 9th cause both of my girls were 5 days early.
EDD is Aug 13th but both of my girls were 5 days early so I am guessing Aug 9th.
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