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DD's name is Brooklyn (which I had some regret over), but thankfully hers isn't on there.
A midwife help me as a teen mother to overcome the judgment and preconceived ideas about the kind of parent I'd be. She help me and my husband have an ideal birth and didn't judge us. My birth story can be found here. Because of her, I have defied all negative expectations of teen parents. I gave birth at home at 17, and now gently parent my two year old because she took us on as clients and helped us realize our potential despite our age.   To put a little plug in...
I have a similar problem for myself as well as DD. I feel like I'm throwing away thoughts when I get rid of books. LOL I say get some sturdy storage bins and put all the books on rotation. You could resurface old favorites and create new ones, and effeciently store the old ones so they don't take up too much space or get eaten up by critters. I totally get your logic and I don't think you should throw any of them out. I am so happy I still have my childhood favorites to...
95%, excluding water and salt! ;)
I like Mothering on Facebook!
Well what do you know... a tooth. Thanks Aileen. & Looking forward to it. I was going to ask everyone, when the weather permits, would everyone want to do a family thing at Shelby Farms. Just like a picnic or something. There are also little concerts at Overton, many that are just for kids. Their Fall schedule isn't up yet but here is the site. http://www.levittshell.org/schedule.cfm
Memphis has a new natural living magazine that I discovered at the Agricenter Farmer's market. It's called "Natural Awakenings". It's free too.
Well, here I am to pout. DD went to bed early last night and got up from 2 to I'm guessing 5 in the morning. I was so tired I don't remember really. We ended up sleeping the entire time of the play date and then some. Would love to know how the meeting went and when another one will be. Sorry to the host for RSVP and then not showing. That isn't typical of me.
I second Melissa Stallings. Martina was out of the country when I was pregnant so I didn't even meet her but Melissa and Missy were great! They do doula services as well.
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