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He has reached the typical milestones and has at least one poopy diaper a day and wet diapers. Not as much as how my oldest DS had about his age but because I couldn't nurse past 7 months, he was on formula. He also eats food and drinks water after or in between nursing sessions. We are outside everyday and in Tx, it's hot.   Nursing my baby is an amazing accomplishment especially since I felt like such a failure for not being able to keep my supply up during my...
She is awesome! DH and I actually went to take one of her classes right before my first DS was born.
I took my son for his 9 month well visit recently and he had only gained an oz in 2 months.   He was 19lbs 9oz at 7 months and 19lbs 10oz at 9 months.   After his 7 month check up, we all got a serious head cold so we weren't eating much. He started crawling at 7.5 months. After the head cold, he started to STTN on his own. He sleeps from 8-8:30pm to 6:45-7:30 am. My supply is still good and my breasts are full in the mornings but I plan to get back on my herbs...
Beautiful pictures!
You have to remember to think like a toddler. Maybe he wasn't ready to be weaned yet and he still wants to nurse. He isn't trying to annoy you, he just wants his comfort.   Maybe start a gentle sleep training method with him? I did this with my first DS and couldn't leave the room until he fell asleep but boy did it pay off. Now, DH and I can put him in his crib, say are good nights and prayer and leave the room without a problem.
I agree with a pp... She is very much an Alpha female. You and DH need to set ground rules now or this will only continue and get worse as the years pass. She needs to be reminded that she is the grandmother, these are your kids and if you need advice on how to raise them you'll ask her.   I would be worried as well with oldest dd being with her and mostly because your own motherly (red flag) intuition is kicking in.   I fortunately do not have this problem with...
Getting fresh air can do wonders for you and baby. It might be a lot of work to get ready but it's so worth changing the environment. LO will also feed off your energy. Mommy's happy, baby is happy.   I usually go on long walks or jobs with the boys so I can clear my head and change their atmosphere. My 5mo old stays quiet or falls asleep and my 19mo old just loves the outdoors and to see the ducks at the lakes. And I get quiet babies!  
Things like this can really lead to resentment and more issues in your marraige. You're not crazy for wanting (and needing) a few minutes alone. If he thinks you need a therapist then do it so he can get that third party confirmation that you need time to clear your mind. He should be more involved with the kids. Make him, don't ask him to do something like feed the kids, take them a bath, change their clothes. Go outside for a minute and leave him inside with the kids....
People really do. It's hard for me because in this specific topic, my husband and I have different priorities.
YAY for this new format!!! I am a minute outside of the Pearland area. I've been wanting to find mommies in Houston that have more of the parenting style that I do.
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