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I just finished Downton Abbey (loved it!) and was looking for another British period piece to watch, yay. A little excited to have been diagnosed with walking pneumonia because I am being given enough relaxation time to watch some of this! Thank you for the recommendation!
Whoa. Sorry you had to deal with that! Sounds like you are doing your best which is hard enough without people being jerks. I'm not even sure what kind of positive effect that letter would have even if you were using CIO! All I would get out of it is that my neighbor is awful. Wishing you two the best :)
We're still here, I guess. Haha. We haven't been doing much of anything because I've been having some health issues. I am a little concerned about how homeschooling is going to work with chronic health issues. I've always said we're going to take it year by year so that's what we'll do. Still a little upsetting to think about. I've been looking at (Before) Five in a Row to possibly start using soon. Our library has it but of course it is always checked out during the...
I think it would freak me out a good bit. But! My oldest is only 4. We don't live in a neighborhood. We live in a pretty high crime area, on a fairly busy street, with a registered sex offender (child molestation at that) a few houses down. I grew up in this same house and was allowed to wander our property as much as I wanted. I spent a lot of time in the woods. No idea what age I was when it started or at what age I'd be comfortable with my kids doing so. I guess...
Ah, I'll admit when I first read people speculating that River was Amy's daughter, I thought, "There's no way! For one thing, they look nothing at all alike..." without even thinking of Rory, haha. Rory is fantastic, by the way. ;) I liked that episode a lot. I kept getting teary-eyed.
Some of our favorites have already been mentioned. Everywhere Babies by Susan Meyers has always been a hit. They love spending lots of time looking at the details in some of the pictures. Everything we've read by Mo Willems is lovely. Ten, Nine, Eight by Molly Bang. Frog and Toad books are so enjoyable, even for me. I wish I could go look at our bookshelf right now, but I'm not sure it's worth the possibility of waking up a kid, ha. Oh yeah, my oldest son LOVES In the...
You know, I was really annoyed by River in her first episode, but I kind of love her now. Very interested to see what her story is!
Like the previous poster, we have yoga DVDs (ok, we just keep checking them out from the library) and the cornstarch + water thing is a huge hit! If you have a room where you can safely play with water, I sometimes set out bowls or old pots and pans with soapy water in them and we wash different toys. We play with uncooked rice. Sometimes I will bury small toys and they will find them. And since it's hot, you can make "recycled crayons" by melting broken pieces of...
I'm pretty far to the left. And I'm definitely pro-choice. :)  
There's another one planned in Forest Park on Monday (June 6th) from 6 - 8 PM for the city council meeting.  
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