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absolutely beautiful birth story & photos!  congrats!  
names are so hard!  I like to think I will look at the baby and just know...but that didn't happen last time & our son went almost a day without a name!  it's such a huge decision for me for some reason.   there are so many lovely names here in this thread.   I always wanted a River, but I'm afraid our last name would rhyme too much with it.  even with a middle name to break it up, you still usually get called by your first & last names only, so that kind of...
I have a simple black SkipHop, but lately I've been finding it way too small.  it worked fine for a newborn, but I can't fit all my toddler's things anymore. and for a toddler & a newborn, I know I'll need a bigger one.  on the lookout!   
31 with my first, and I'll be 33 when this little one arrives.  I feel like I've aged a lot in the past 17 months!  there's something to be said for beauty sleep.  (which I get very little of!  lol)  
Hi there,   I'm currently using Susan as my midwife for my second homebirth.  I love her so far. I recently moved to MD, so I was doing the search just a few months ago & was happy to narrow it down to her (and to find her available!)   she's very friendly, professional, and thorough.  takes her time with you at the appts.   hopefully some others will pipe in as well. 
I have my first appt. on Wednesday and have no one to watch my 15 month old, so he's coming with me.  That's a great idea with the smoothie!  He loves them and it will hopefully keep him calm & quiet for a little while.  other times, I'm hoping to schedule times for when my mother can watch him. 
I've had it worse at night lately too - but that could also be to my son waking more and wanting to nurse.  oh, it makes me cringe sometimes!  I hope I can hold out nursing the whole pregnancy.  
this will hopefully be my second homebirth!  i'm only 6 weeks, so haven't done anything at all yet - -(haven't even told our family!)   We literally just moved across the country and are still recovering from that huge transition... and then we find out we picked up this little hitchhiker before leaving California.  LOL   I'm sad I won't be able to use my CA midwife this time; she was so incredible.  Hoping to find a good one around here though.  Looks like it's...
11/26!  went 8 days over last time, so who knows though.  :)
I'm taking Simply One prenatals, a Cal-Mag, and Deva Vegan Omega 3 DHA.  the DHA gives me the biggest problem with a lemon oil aftertaste - better than a fishy aftertaste though!  ew. just continuing what I've been taking from last pregnancy & now while breastfeeding.  
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