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Wow, MyKittysMew, feel better soon. I have a lot of empathy, as I am just recovering from bronchitis/pneumonia myself. I'm currently 24 weeks with my 2nd and I'm 46 (had my first at 43, nearly 44). Where I live (SF Bay Area, California) being an "older mom" is not so very unusual, but I still feel some judgement from certain members of my family. Both my pregnancies are completely natural and unassisted, and I feel so happy that I got the chance at long last to be a mom,...
Thanks for starting this thread, I had a really terrible headache yesterday, and felt at a loss because I avoid caffeine and other drugs as much as possible during pregnancy. I drank two tall glasses of 1/3 coconut water (for the electrolytes) and 2/3 plain water; which seemed to help, but really didn't feel myself again until the next morning. Might try the raw almonds next time, that sounds intriguing.
I was definitely discouraged from going much past my due date with my first (I was nearly 44 years old), but I actually managed to persuade them to let me go a little longer and had my daughter naturally at 40w 6d. I had an appointment to be induced on the next Tuesday, but went into labor on my own the Friday before. So, if your non-stress-tests are good, there should be some wiggle room to let nature take its course. Good Luck!!  
I actually go out of my way to eat spicy and highly seasoned food while pregnant... lots of evidence it can influence the food preferences of your child later on. Good point though, about food coming back to haunt you though, be careful if you are prone to throwing up, or heartburn!  
My due date is Nov. 1st... this will be our second child. The tech at my nuchal fold ultrasound seemed pretty sure it's a boy, so let's go with that for now. Glad to be a part of this group!  
Thanks, littlestarlet! Alas, I don't have so much time available to read and post in these forums this time around, what with my little one taking up so much of my time and energy, so I'm really glad my post was appreciated! I remember when I was doing all this for the first time, these forums were a lifeline for me, so it feels great to be able to give something back! Stay strong! XOX
Thanks, KA2003! It's been a couple years, so my memory may not be very complete, but I remember that they wanted to see a certain amount of movement from the fetus (sometimes they gave me some cold water to drink, or had me roll over or shift around if the fetus was "sleeping" to try to wake her up!). They monitored the fetus' heartbeat, they printed out a strip with a cardiogram to look for an irregularities. Mostly I remember it was relaxing to be in this darkened...
Hi everybody! I may just be the most senior of you all! I had my first child at age 43 (less than a month away from turning 44!) and now I'm going to be >46-1/2 at the time when this one's due (Nov. 1st). With my first, they did tell me I had to have weekly non-stress tests in the last month... those became nearly daily in the last weeks (she was finally born 6 days past 40 weeks). I too was afraid of them seeing something in those test that would cause them to induce...
Did you ever find a solution for this? Did she eventually just grow out of it? I'm pretty sure my 2-year-old has exactly the same thing going on.  
Baby just had her first birthday, but the kids that came ranged in age from 6-13. I found foam bookmarks (10/$1) and door hangers (3/$1) at Dollar Tree, and we turned it into a craft project using little foam stickers (100+/$1) (also from DT) and colored sharpie pens for the kids to decorate. It was a big hit across the ages (even some adults enjoyed it). The party theme was butterflies, and the stickers were little bugs, caterpillars, butterflies, etc. so it even fit...
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