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Love the quinoa cakes idea, definitely going to try those! Thanks!!
Thought I posted this already, but I guess not... we had our precious girl, Lily, at 40w 6d at 4:28 on Jan 29, she weighed 8 lbs 4 oz and was 21.5 inches long. It was a drug-free natural childbirth in a hospital following a 26 hour labor, with only 20 minutes of pushing.
I've read that the drooling actually has a lot to do with when the salivary glands mature... I've noticed my baby never drooled until about three weeks ago, then suddenly she started doing it, but only sometimes (moreso in the evenings for no reason I can think of) and not a ton, thank goodness.    
Our daughter Lily was born at 40w 6d, a vaginal natural childbirth in a hospital on 1/29, after 26 hours of labor. She was 8lb, 12oz, 21 inches long, and totally beautiful. Thanks to everyone here for your wise words and strong support throughout my pregnancy, you were always there when I needed you!
Still here as well, due date's not til 1/23 and it's our first... haven't had a cervical check since just after xmas, when it was still long and closed, but softening. Haven't had anything I could definitely identify as Braxton Hicks or other contractions yet. I've been having non-stress tests every week since week 36, baby's head down and doing great but my uterus is totally calm. I'm actually glad, since I still have a major work project to finish this week, and Mom's...
Blessings on you and your new family! Thanks so much for all the wisdom and vitality you bring to this community!!
We just spent way too much money, and got the car fully detailed in and out, in anticipation of installing the new car seat. The car is 3 years old, but now looks brand new again! I'm loving having a fresh, clean start for the baby. We were going to install the seat yesterday, but the steam-cleaned interior is still kinda moist, so we'll wait a few days so it can dry out. By pure luck, we got a really great deal on a new Britax convertible... it was at Babys'r'Us, on...
Just wanted to say thank you, Adorkable, for this thread... I knew nothing about this condition until I read about it here, and although I have no intolerable itching so far, I did have my gall bladder removed years ago, and I'm glad to know to be on the lookout for any symptoms of this condition. Sending my wishes to you for a successful treatment and healthy babies for you! Please keep us posted!
Have you alerted your caregiver about your itchiness? Although a certain amount of itchiness is normal in pregnancy, symptoms like what you are describing could be an indication of a serious condition, Cholestasis of pregnancy. Hope it's nothing, but I do urge you to get it checked out right away.
Don't know if I just got lucky, but I got two glider rockers with ottomans for free (one from freecycle, and one from Craig's List). Both are in very nice shape and quite comfortable. One is downstairs in the family room and gets a lot of use even now, before the baby has arrived. The other is in the baby's room upstairs. Based on my experience, I think your chances of finding a free or very low cost glider are pretty good (and if you get one that way, no real guilt...
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