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Quote: Originally Posted by Pyrodjm I take the Trader Joe's brand. I used to take Rainbow light one a day, but found these to have the same ingredients. Cheaper too! I'm also a big fan of the Trader Joe's brand! When I was TTC, I would take Trader Joe's under-the-tongue b6/b12/folic acid one, which I also like (less likely to make me feel seasick).
Just curious, why did they check your folic acid level in the first place? Is it a standard test, or did they have some reason to believe there was a problem? I ask because I'm just 5w pregnant, and haven't run across this test yet.
I found several pairs of pants like your Target ones a while back at Ross Dress for Less for $5 each... bought them all! My current clothing challenge is breast support... only 5w 3d and all my bras are getting uncomfortable already!
Just got the results of my latest HCG.... in the last week I went from 617 (15 dpo) to 15,341 (22 dpo). I appear to be doubling every one and a half days.... anyone else getting numbers this high or doubling this fast? I assume it a good thing but would like some reassurance
Quote: Originally Posted by carfreemama M0xxie, I am 42 and know exactly how you feel. I had my first baby at 35 and got pregnant this time, to my utter shock, after only 2 months; no charting, no major trying. And now I'm almost 6 weeks. I still have no way of knowing how this pregnancy is going and I feel blessed every day that goes by, too. Is this your first? I can't tell when I look back at the thread. Hi Carfreemama, thanks for your...
It might be silly, but I was very happy to see this, too.... this is such a high-stakes pregnancy for me, being that, at 43, it is quite possibly our last shot at natural parenthood. Everyday that goes by that I'm still pregnant is such a blessing to me!
We need EVERYTHING, because 1. this is our very first child and 2. it has taken us so long that all our friends/family members have gotten rid of all the baby stuff they used to have. All except the rocking chair that my mother rocked me in when I was a baby, she said she's giving that to me for mine, which I love.
It's probably still too early to stock up, but this will be my first child, so we're going to need everything... does anyone know of a good list online for figuring out what we need for the baby (or perhaps you have one you made yourself, if you're a list-maker like me)? I figure if I concentrate on getting a few things each week, we'll be nicely prepared by the time we need it.
Seems the jury is still out on whether consuming ANY caffeine during pregnancy is advisable: http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE64J46820100520 I've cut it out entirely... even CHOCOLATE (OMG!) Not taking any chances with this one.
* EDD 1/23/11 * Age 43 * State or Country: California * How long it took to you to get your BFP: 2 years plus * What number child is this for you: FIRST! * Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): dog, cat & DH * Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses): no idea! * Anything else you'd like to share: Got started late in this game... married for 1st time at 41, first try at conception at 41, first m/c at 41. Then, despite a string of...
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