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Whole wheat toast with slice of cheese on it was about the best I could manage... sometimes I could keep down some baked beans too... baked beans may sound strange for breakfast, but it's actually quite popular in the UK, and it's warm, comforting and lots of protein. Scrambled eggs would also work for me sometimes. First tri can be challenging, good luck!!
For me, by 18 weeks I could easily feel her moving on the inside, by 20 weeks I could feel and see movement on the outside. I'm a pretty "fluffy" person, so ymmv.
Quote: Originally Posted by DaisyMae08 I would take it even without risk factors. Healthy women with no risk factors can still get gestational diabetes. The risks of gestational diabetes are serious enough that I would want to know and would not want it to go untreated. THIS! I had lots of risk factors, and I was enormously relieved to get a great result, and now it's one less thing I have to worry about (and not much guilt if I do have that...
Quote: Originally Posted by fruitfulmomma Here is an interesting article on a study done by pediatricians on the need for delaying with regards to the change in breathing - http://www.time.com/time/magazine/ar...830142,00.html Holy Toledo! Did you notice that article is from 1963?! Seems it takes some doctors longer than 40 years to absorb information! I'm truly blown away by your awesome (and sometimes sidesplitting) responses... I feel so...
I'm 26 weeks along with my first, I met with my doctor last week and asked if there would be any problem with my desire to let the umbilical cord stop pulsing before it is clamped & cut. She seemed surprised that I would want to do such a thing, and said that contrary to what I might think, the baby can actually experience blood loss this way, and most delivering doctors would have a problem with my request. If what she says is true, then by all means clamp away, but I...
Six months into this, my first pregnancy (excepting early m/c) and I'm still largely like this... please, someone who's been through this before, tell me I will eventually enjoy food again? I miss the joy of cooking so much!
Bravo to you for abstaining through the first trimester! I really believe that if caffeine can have negative effects, they are most pronounced while development is at its earliest. I was also very strict in the first tri, but I have recently been allowing myself a few chocolate items (Trader Joe's vegan chocolate chip cookies being the primary one) and the taste is heaven, although I think they contribute to my frequent acid reflux symptoms which is a bit of a...
I'm no expert, so take what I have to say with that in mind, but I have read that GD often manifests with no obvious symptoms, and, if untreated, can have devastating effects. Conversely, with treatment it can usually be managed very well with good outcomes. I was very resistant to doing the test, too, but after having passed it last week I can say that the peace of mind I feel is enormous. My very best wishes to you, whatever you decide!
My doctor told me to eat nothing before the test, although the written instructions she gave me said to eat a high protein breakfast. I decided to go hardcore and ate nothing, and passed with flying colors (blood sugar was 110 @ 1 hour after glucola). I'm in high-risk for GD due to advanced maternal age (43) and I'm about 100 lbs. overweight, so just want you to know that anything's possible!
Quote: Originally Posted by AFWife I never get the flu shot...and this one has the H1N1 in it already and it's been linked to miscarriage. May I ask, what is your source for the miscarriage link? I've never heard that before.
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