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So, I threw up breakfast again this morning... I'm 21 weeks, shouldn't I be done with this already!?!?! Made my first foray into a maternity shop this past weekend... couldn't stand how my bras were (not) fitting me, and so made the pilgrimage to the Motherhood store outlet. The shop girl measured me and found that my rib cage measurement was the same, but my cup size went from DD to E, and I was so happy to try on bras that actually fit correctly! The bras I bought will...
I'm having what I think must be acid reflux fairly often these days... not burning heartburn pain, just discomfort and a metallic taste at the back of my throat/esophagus... more often at night, although I have gotten it during the day, too... not sure if I should take tums or something to relieve it, or just put up with it, because it's more irksome than painful. I did some research and it seems that certain foods can be more triggering.... I couldn't resist trying Trader...
I have such a craving for tuna noodle casserole now! Trader Joe's sells Tongol tuna, which they say is considered a "light" tuna.
Officially hit the 20-week mark on Sunday! Just had the 20-week U/S yesterday, LO is measuring right on target, and still looks like a girl, so I guess I can keep all the pink clothes I've bought! Still having some stomach upset, loss of appetite and throwing up, but it's not constant -- I have good days and not-so-good days. Sometimes it's still so hard to believe that we're actually going to have this baby, after such a long time of wishing and wanting and waiting. Now...
Quote: Originally Posted by scrappin-mama This explains it pretty well: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Symphys...is_dysfunction Thanks for the info! Hope you are feeling better soon!
Sorry to be out of the loop (first-time momma-to-be here) but what is "SPD"?
I have only had one dream about the gender of the baby, it was fairly early on (maybe 6 weeks), and it was a girl, but I didn't take it very seriously because I figured it was probably wish-fulfillment. But, at the 17-week US, they said girl, so maybe it was something more than that?
Not looking forward to this, but my doctor says she is not picking on me, she says everyone has to do the 1-hour glucose tolerance test... so ok. I asked her if I could skip the glucola and eat specified things instead, and she said no way, not accurate enough. OK. But then she told me to wake up and drink the glucola on an empty stomach, then go into the lab to get my blood drawn at the one-hour mark. She also gave me a written page of instructions for the test. When I...
Thinking of you! Best wishes!!!
Best of luck to you!
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