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I believe there are such things as pedal extenders, perhaps you should look into those?
My husband and I will both be 43 when our first baby (a girl) is due (1/23/2011). After 2 years of trying, and a miscarriage, we are both ecstatic about achieving a natural, unassisted pregnancy. We did both the first and second trimester screening blood tests, and attempted the nuchal translucency scan at 13.5 weeks, but the baby was measuring a week ahead of schedule at the scan, so the measurement could not be used. The results from the blood tests alone gave us...
I've been reading jealously for weeks about other women feeling the baby move. This is my first, and I'm in week 18, and finally feeling reliable "That MUST be the baby!" sensations. Just little flicks from the inside, but totally different from anything else, and they seem to be getting overall more frequent and distinct with each day. I love the feeling, it's so magical. I'm sure you'll be feeling yours too, any day now.
I've noticed that time is really picking up for me.... I thought that first trimester would NEVER end, it felt like a death march. But second tri is flying by so fast I can hardly believe it.
Getting sick in the middle of eating.... that is definitely happening with me. Comes out of the blue, I'm enjoying my meal, eating with gusto, and suddenly.... uh oh! Still, it beats being sea sick all day long by a mile. And there are whole days in a row where it doesn't happen at all. And most of my food aversions have disappeared, so most food choices are back on the table (loving those salads again finally) which is nice, although my appetite has not really...
http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2010-0...taminated.html Article says the meat (made by Tyson) all of it was sold to Wal-Mart stores, and some of the meat was used to make “Marketside Grab and Go” deli sandwiches. Guess it is justified to be leery of deli meats during pregnancy. And let's not even get started on eggs... :-)
Just found out yesterday..... it's a girl! Totally over-the-moon about it... stopped on the way home and bought a little pink dress and little pink booties at Baby Gap. So happy!!!!!!
I started off losing 30 lbs. due to nausea and food aversions... not so very drastic since I started off over 100 lbs. overweight. My doctor is fine with it, since my uterus and the baby are measuring right on or even a little ahead of schedule, so it's clear that the baby is getting enough of whatever it needs. In the last few weeks I have felt much better, and my weight seems to have leveled off... I've gained just one lb. over the last month. I have read that the...
Quote: Originally Posted by mumma cop kaz I absolutely love food but have to force myself to eat these days, i wait until my tummy is grumbly and then i eat, but can only eat a few bites. Its sad!! I have only put on 1 kilo (im not sure what that is in pounds) but i dont think its alot for 19 weeks especially when the average women puts on 10-20kgs in a pregnancy. I didn't start worrying about it until I remembered my scan next week and cant help but...
I absolutely advise you not to eat a bite of it, and instead send it all to me, so I can safely "dispose" of it ;-)
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