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Well, it was a mixed bag.... the baby measured a week ahead, and was just slightly too long to qualify for the test, so the measurement they took could not be used, and I received no results from the first blood test because they won't give them to me without valid nuchal fold results. The measurement they took was 3.3, which they said was just slightly above the 3.0 or lower they were looking for, but again, it doesn't apparently even count for anything. So...
If it's not growing hair or slime, I'll eat it! :-) Well, maybe not quite... but I rely on my super smelling power of pregnancy... if it doesn't smell right, I won't touch it. And if microwaving leftovers was unhealthy, I'd have died of some dread disease 20 years ago! In this case, common sense reigns, I think.
Look at us, well into the middle of the pack now! I'm so excited to have made it this far!!!
My appointment for this is coming up Wednesday, and I'm getting nervous/excited. Wondering if anyone else is doing this in this DDC, and what was it like?
How old are you? This has a huge influence on what numbers you will receive on those screening tests. I'm 43, based solely on my age and without any test results, I have a 1:30 chance of having a baby with one of the genetic defects. I've done the first blood test, and a week from today I am doing the NT scan and will get the preliminary results from the first blood test (these results plus a second blood test done a couple of weeks later will give us more accurate...
Sounds like I'm in exactly the same place as you are right now... smaller meals are working the best for me, when I am able to make that happen. What works best for me is splitting portion size and having half (or even a quarter) of my "normal" portion per "meal", but being sure to eat every 2-3 hours. When I look at the serving it sometimes doesn't seem like it will be enough because it's less than I'm used to, but I find that I can be satisfied with less because I know...
Seems like I learn a new vocabulary word every day here, it's quite an education... today's word: cerclage. I'm glad for you that there's a procedure that will help you get that healthy full-term baby we all yearn for... best of luck to you!
Congratulations! There's always a little risk, doing one of those "invasive" procedures, but it must be just amazing to have all the rock-solid reassurance of a clean genetic report. My doctor strongly encouraged me to wait and do the amnio, so I've got a bunch of weeks yet before I get to see my results, but I'm thrilled for you!!
Still one more week to go for me... but time is passing more quickly these days, and the nausea is not quite so constant and becoming much more bearable (it's absolutely amazing to me what we can learn to adapt to!). Saw the little one's heartbeat again last week, so it looks like chances are really good I'm gonna make it for the duration, so somebody save me a seat on that train!
Always happy to have one more on the team! Make sure you add yourself to the DDC roster, too!
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