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BTW, we will not  be revealing babe's name until birth!
We are def. finding out (at our 18 weeks ultrasound....4 1/2 weeks away!) and I think I've finally decided how to tell family. This is our first time peeking, btw. I'm going to have the US tech write the sex down and put it in an envelope, so dh and I will not find out at the appt.  I'll give the envelope to a trusted friend (already picked) who will fill a box with 4 "It's a...." helium balloons (one for each of our children) and tape it up. I'll decorate the box then...
Are you looking  really low, like just above the pubic bone? Using lots of gel? There are major arteries on each side of the pelvis and I like to start on one side and go move slowly to the other starting at the pubic bone.  Then pass the other way a bit higher till I hit the artery again. Repeat if necessary! You can also sort of go under the pubic bone a bit with the wand.  You can also stop frequently and move the wand around as you go like stop and move it east,...
Oh sure! I don't have sources for you, but if I remember right the issues is with the heating of babe's tissue that can happen and how that  might interfere with development, especially in the earlier weeks. 1 minute of doppler exposure is equal to 35 minutes of ultrasound. I have read of too many high risk mamas who have ultrasounds daily or weekly during pregnancy with no ill effect to be too concerned.  I try to listen only once a week (I've heard no more than 1 or 2...
You can take a pic of it and post that!  
I'd feel pretty good if I found my baby's hb when the dr. couldn't, lol! How neat you got to see your baby on US.  The last time I saw  baby was around 6 weeks (I think), so there wasn't much to look at.   Really looking forward to seeing babe again.    
So cool! And, welll, huh.  I'm 12 weeks, 3 days and haven't felt movement yet- baby #5.  I've heard the hb at weeks 10, 11, and just recenty 12. I will try laying still for a bit tonight to hopefully feel baby. 
How far along are you Sunny? There are several youtubes and google helped me figure out what I'm doing and feel free to ask us any questions.  I know there are others here with doppler experience.  Also, I use aloe vera gel instead of the special US goop and it works great.  Hope you get to hear your LO's heartbeat soon!  And, thank you!   
12 weeks today and nice strong hb! Im so thrilled!!!
For those who mentioned buying  bouncy seats and such to "protect the...
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