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Thanks for the ideas. I'm still not loving anything but Ben! Benoit-BenWah-is diffrent, I think I like how it sounds a lot, but not the spelling. Bennet is nice, too, but I think I might like Benjamin more. :/ I really like Grant (family name) for a middle name and Ben Grant just doesn't work for me. Hmmm?!
Heard babe's heartbeat again today! I had trouble finding it because it sounded diff.to me this time, more like a choo choo train than horse galloping, but def. a hb. So happy! I've never made it this far and miscarried, so I'm feeling very hopeful. I'll try to listen once a week only and until movement, but I'm so thankful to have this doppler.Awww! Let us know when you hear it this time around!
I am so exhausted, too. and, we're moving, and dh is starting a new biz and working long hours. wish I could just go to bed and wake up at 14 weeks. :/
So sorry, cathochick.
I heard babes's hb!!!!! So amazing...I amm so happy. I heard it a few days ago at 9 weeks, 6 days. My Dr's nurse was really surprised at my prenatal appt. yesterday and I felt quite accomplised, lol. They don't even try til a little later in preg. Can't stop smiling when I think about hearing that most lovely sound.
We have a John, Charles, Gilbert (as in Gilbert Blythe...named after his gpa, we usually call him Gil), and Lewis.  I really like the name Ben, but don't love Benjamin though Benjamin goes nicely with our last name.  Are there any other first names than Ben can be a nickname for?  Would you think just Ben would be okay for a first name or would something more "formal" be better? I know it's early,but I'm pretty sure Ben is it if it's a boy and it's fun to talk baby names.
I'm 9 weeks tomorrow. Sittl exhausted, mild morning sickness, and my boobs are sore. 10weeks is when I miscarried last time, but babe had passed at 9 weeks (and the latest miscarriage I've had, the rest have all been super early) , but I did not have such strong pregnancy symptoms. I'm feeling hopeful and am actually starting to think about baby names today...boy names that is because of course it's a boy!  My main concern is any infection I may have, but my Dr. will...
  Thank you so much!  It's reassuring to hear that you got your way! The mom that rec. this dr. to me said that it's all about assertiveness and being educated.  This hospital is pretty good, as well.  We live in a somewhat crunchy/natural place...the northwest/oregon/my city, so I don't think anything I ask will be new...who knows though.  I appreciate your advice!
I just love polls and am super curious, lol.  Thanks!  
Zubeldia, I tried the baby aspirin and it made mmy tummy hurt!  I did talk to my dr. and my last prenatal blood workup...last miscarriage...didn't show any antibody concerns.  This along with the tummy pain made me too uneasy to keep taking it...although I have heard of moms taking BA despite good tests and feeling like that is what gave them a successful pregnancy.  I didn't realize that the blood draw that they take on your first prenatal showed antibody stuff.  I...
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