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Lovely! Congratulations! Jenne
Congratulations! Do you have any arnica? If so I'd take a few pellets and also rub some on the spot! I wish you all the best!!! Jenne
So last night for a moment I thought maybe I was in labor. No. Her head was against my right pelvic/hip bone. Her butt against my left ribs. Lots of pressure. I could feel her head with my hands making a hard lump in my lower abdomen. Grrr. I guess it is better to know now that she is really poorly positioned. But GRRRRR! She was head down and beginning to engage 2 weeks ago. Oh, well. It will be what it will be. The monitrice is going to come this afternoon...
Oh! Congratulations! Sorry I've been bugging you for birthday party updates! Jenne
Okay...yes, I second acupuncture. There are community acupuncture clinics in a lot of places...there is one here in Nashville if you feel like a road trip! You might try rebozo-ing forward and backward (rather than side to side) and see if that can coax the move. If you can get into a doctor there was a recent dutch study about thyroid levels and breech babies. The lower your TSH number the less likely the study participants were to have a breech baby. Are you still...
Is there a hotel swimming pool you can crash and go float around in? I have a few more suggestions but in-laws just arrived! Hang in there and tilt, tilt, tilt! Jenne
Congratulations! Jenne
Congratulations! Jenne
Finally have a moment! I'm back to a good place after having a really rough day yesterday. I finally leveled with the OB that I was not comfortable scheduling an induction for Tuesday. I imagine that in her practice I'm an anomaly at being over 40 weeks. She is nervous. My bloodwork came back good (the only concern is my uric acid level which is 6...still in the norm range but towards the top although it has been at 6 for at least 2 weeks) and the NST was perfect. ...
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