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Congratulations! Jenne
Instead of wishing you labor vibes I'm going to wish you patience...and how some rubs off on me! Hang in there! Jenne
I wish you all the best! Jenne
Okay, here's the deal...you *have* to be gentle with yourself. You cannot second guess what happened...you just can't! Maybe the epidural allowed your muscles to relax enough to allow powerful enough contractions to move him the rest of the way down and out? Maybe the relief of knowing the epidural was coming allowed your mind to let go of any emotional reason for not dilating? Maybe you were so exhausted from labor that the hospital really was the safest place for you...
Oh! Congratulations!!! Jenne
I'm 40 weeks today...since it is almost 6pm and *if* these are contractions they just started around 4pm I doubt I will be holding a baby before midnight! So, yeah, I'm in the club! Yahoo! Jenne
Well, we are up early to do more castor oil...here's to a productive day! Jenne
Congratulations! What a sweetheart! Jenne
Me? I'm not able to keep up with anything! I think a birth announcement thread was started though... Jenne
I've contacted a different mod after not hearing back from the one I contacted 3 weeks ago about switching out the "roll call" for "February Babies on the Way." I am so sorry for the delay and disruption! Just wanted to update. Thanks, Jenne
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