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Ashley- I hope your kitty finds his way back home to you. It is so sad when one wanders. Bluebird Mama- Great news on the platelet count and GBS! Yahoo! Sending you easing into labor vibes... mommytoallh- So sorry for the passing of your FIL. twinklefae- I hear you on not wanting to talk about being pregnant or due or any of it! Monday I had this conversation, "So, how are things going?" Me- "I cannot really talk about all of this right now. It's quite a story...
But don't worry...if it was your plug and you don't go ahead into labor it will reform. It is why they say sweeping the membranes only works if you are "ready". Cause the plug will reform... Hope you are resting and having an okay day so far... Oh, and if it is any consolation I had contractions all night too. I figure it is the change in weather. We'll see where it takes us... Jenne
So I believe the Chinese New Year is 2/3/2011. If your babe comes prior to this he/she is a Tiger! If your babe comes after this he/she is a Rabbit! Just a little random, early in the month, trivia and horoscope for y'all! We are a house full of Snakes...I'm not sure which fits better a Tiger or Rabbit. We keep joking that she will stay in because she *is* a Rabbit...we'll see... So, do you think you have a Tiger or a Rabbit? Jenne
DH and I took many a date to our local bookstore to skim over some of the babyname books. We would just sit and read names aloud to one another. Maybe getting out of the house and into neutral territory would help? If it is any consolation, I'm 40 weeks on Thursday and we just tonight settled on a last name for our child/ren. I'm trying not to go back to the table on it. Naming is hard!!! Good luck! Jenne
I was wondering on our chat thread if this weather system would kick some of us early February mamas into labor with the low barometeric pressure. I hope that you were able to get some sleep tonight and that everything slowed down for you. Hang in there! Jenne
So sleepy today! And still pregnant! Let's see...we met the monitrice last night. We really like her. It is a good fit it seems. I had her check me because I'm curious...not because it means anything and I'm more effaced and actually dilated now which is cool. I actually wish I had a clear speculum and could do a photo each day showing the changes ala the cervix website that is up of a woman's cycle. I'm a geek like that though. Last night DH had a "date" with...
Congrats! Jenne
Oh, Bluebird Mama! I'm so sorry about this stress! I hope that you are able to relax and enjoy the end of your pregnancy and am sending you lots of peaceful, good platelet count, and easy birthing vibes. We are doing the spleen point (I think that is what it is!) that is on the inside of the leg about 3-4 finger widths above the ankle bone. DH presses with his thumbs or the ends of wooden spoons for 10 minutes each hour or so. It does bring on contractions for a...
So, tonight we tried castor oil. In an hour I was on the pot throwing up and pooping. Contractions have been stronger but irregular so far. I keep telling myself that the statistic is 67% in *24* hours and not within the time period that the oil makes your digestive tract clear out. It isn't too bad I guess. I have a sensitive system anyway so I'm fairly used to this kind of action. We've also dtd and more acupressure with some moxa. Oh, and the hypnobabies, "Baby...
What a sweetie! Congratulations! Jenne
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