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Are we looking for EW too? Do tell! I just know about mucus plug and bloody show... Jenne
So, just toilet paper checking...right? Not actually turning on the light in the bathroom at 1am to see if there is mucus plug in the toilet...I don't have to confess to that here, right? Anyway, yes, definitely checking!!!
Yahoo! Congrats! He's a cutie! Jenne
YES! Please! I know it is a pain and scary to think about pre-e but it is so hard on your body AND your baby! Get yourself checked out! Please update when you can...Jenne
I cannot answer for Limette...but um, yeah...seriously...*any* person can wear *any* color. My favorite color is blue. I wear blue. My DH sometimes wears pink. It is a color, not a lifestyle commitment, or social comment. Obviously, if the kid has an issue with what he/she is wearing it is a different conversation...but if the kid doesn't care or wants to then it is always okay to wear any color...Jenne
Well, the acupuncturist came out last night and as far as I can tell babygirl shifted around (she's gone from being LOA, to OA (which was really exciting on Sunday to find out!) to being ROA yesterday with lots of hip pain for me) and I'm not in pain anymore! Also, I've had increased groin/pelvic pressure which is a good sign. I wish my phone would stop ringing. I'm gonna have to figure out some projects to work on while I lie in bed. Today I'm feeling slothful and...
I was on met xr prior to conceiving and have stayed on it the entire pregnancy. I will continue on it for the foreseeable future...mainly because of the new research showing that it can help breastfeeding. I think it is great that it is available and think if you want to start it you should talk with either an RE or OB about it... Good luck! Jenne
If you can I'd highly recommend acupuncture as well to get things moving along...it is really gentle and you could start now and let your acupuncturist know your plan. There are some great community acupuncture clinics that have really low sliding scales. There is also acupressure which once you are shown the points you could press them yourself. What wonderful news and I wish you all the best!!! Jenne
Are you on any herbs or supplements? Red raspberry leaf? I think that is what caused my swelling and fluctuating blood pressure...as for the protein, have you done a 24 hour catch? What were those results? My blood pressure isn't that high and I don't have protein and I'm on bed rest. You should probably be on rest too. I know that is next to impossible with a family and responsibilities but it really sounds like your body is saying, "Hey!!! I need a break here!" ...
Great pictures! Jenne
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