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Oh! Awesome! What a wonderful birthday to have! I hope you are soon holding your precious little one...can't wait for an update! Jenne
Congratulations! Jenne
Oh, wow! Congratulations! Jenne
Congratulations! Jenne
Hey, for those interested in a long drawn out version of what happened...I updated my blog with the sordid tale... Jenne
I hope you have an easy labor...can't wait to see your updates! Jenne
Oooh! These are gorgeous! I think I'm going to have to insist on a stop at Hobby Lobby to buy wire tomorrow so I can get mine finished! Jenne
I'd do the miralax but I love the stuff. Taken in a normal dose you should have easy relief that is just right within 12-24 hours. But if you can't wait that long and don't mind risking going into labor...well...an enema might be a more immediate choice... Good luck! Jenne
3x for me it was an "ash blond" treatment and when I called the hair company the woman I spoke to said that the "ash" part meant it would have gray/green undertones. Um. It did. Way. Lot. I had to bleach and recolor...I did a rainbow then...I figured starting with no real pigment gave me license to be creative! Thanks for the welcomes back! It is a hard week but I feel like we finally have an okay plan. Tonight hypnobabies will be fear clearing though for...
Okay, I am caught up...good baby showers! yummy pavlova (oh I want some now!!!), yeah for carseats, yeah for trekkinggirl having her baby, boo for sleepless nights, illness, green hair (that happened to me in college...) and being done. I'm *so* glad to be back here...I could cry but that would seem a little ridiculous even to my preggo self. So instead, I'm going to have DH bring me yet another something to eat...he keeps bringing celery which in the moment is...
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