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"Night of the Twisters" was one of my favorite books in the 4th/5th grade and is part of the reason I love weather today! http://www.amazon.com/Night-Twisters.../dp/0064401766 Jenne
(Totally off topic! I read the title and thought, huh?! Why would Sear's department store publish a special catalog for adoptive families? I guess that is nice but I thought all babies sort of needed the same equipment and I didn't imagine that there was a big niche for that... ) What ever you decide you could always write a note expressing your joy at their adoption and something like, "I found parts of this to be of great help. I hope that the parts that resonate...
I think this is one of the longest running... http://www.mothering.com/discussions...ht=questioners Jenne
Listen to your instincts...ask questions...it may seems perfect on the surface but not be the right choice for your family... there are some older waldorf support threads on here which might help explain some of what you are seeing... Jenne
Looks like I get to stay here and do what I do best--cheering! I finally got someone to tell me the results of my 2nd beta. 37. So I'm going to lose this baby. Soon. Hopefully. I don't mean that to sound awful...sorry...I'm waiting for DH to come home from work...you know, yesterday I was *so* upset that the nurse wouldn't tell me over the phone (she didn't let on that anything was wrong of course) and then that no one called me back because whether it was to...
I'm out. My 2nd beta was 37... Jenne
From what I've read, developmentally it is really critical for kids to crawl. It is also perfectly normal to not walk "well" until 14-15 months so at just 12 months he/you've got plenty of time to not only be normal but to be a little exceptional. So, from what you've said, everything sounds great! Jenne
Milk8Shake- My prayers are with you and your family. I'm so sorry for your loss. Jenne
I think the difference between a wind storm and a snow storm is the liklihood that people have nothing better to do for days on end than dtd. Pinkgeek- I'm sorry you missed your window and I'm glad you have power! My brother is in Arlington and snowed in as well. Monarchgrrl- Really? OH MY GOODNESS! I cannot believe that she said that. I'm probably 100 pounds over "optimal" and a good 50 pounds over her I feel "best"--of course the last time I weighed...
I was going through the same thing. The pregnancy after miscarriage hypnosis track is really helpful to relax and trust. I wish you a healthy and happy 36 more weeks! Jenne
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