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Hi, Thanks everyone for your hugs
Hi Ladies, I'm CD2 today . May I be move to waiting to O The journey/trying continues. Sending to : that 2007 will be our year of blessings amen : for those POAS for a one Happy New Year In Advance.
Hi Ladies, I just pop in to know what's really going on with you here. punguin:: you get your miracle soon izzymom: I pray your stay here is short for a good reasons. Crystal:Yay!!!! for crosshairs. GL Tenk: Thanks for stalking my chart. I pray you get your BFP soon. GL Ocensmommy: Thanks so much. DH is getting better, he's on his feet, we're back on TTC train. Please keep your hope up. I hope this month is the month for you.: : for...
Hi all CONGRATULATIONS!!: :: Andrea and Nikkihoi: Spider: hazeleyes:: Okay, Ladies I'm just checking on you. Wishing everyone Happy Holidays. and Blessings to all
H Ladies MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL Sending to all who needs it. and Blessings to all
Hi Ladies MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE Victoria: Summermom: Goodluck MsGB: Have a wonderful Holidays!!!! and Blessings to everyone.
Hi all MERRY XMAS TO EVERYONE Katie and Megin: Congrats!!!! I wish you happy & health 9 months and beyond. [B]Sabo: [/B] Thanks for the new thread. Please can you take me out from "Waiting to be ready" list and move me to waiting to know. I thought it wil get to January b/4 trying again, but thank God DH has got his strength back. Thanks Sending and prayers to all who needs it. Good luck everyone and and Blessings
Hi everyone s Sending to those who needs it. Thanks everyone for your prayers. DH has been discharged and he is getting better everyday with his medication. My cycle/body is wacky, I pray it straighten up itself soon. : for everyone for goodluck this cycle. Love you all. Loadful of
Hi everyone Nicole: Thanks for the new thread. I'm just s. And to let you all knows you are in my thoughts and prayers. My DH has been discharged, and he's getting better everyday. But Oh mine, I'm so busy this day. Well I'm using this opportunity to Congrats.!!! those pregnant mamas, and : for those in 2ww that their miracle will come. Big to those who found and those with BFN. : for everyone. Wishing you the best of luck. Loadful of
Hi Ladies Thank God I'm back. I miss you all. DH was discharged on Oct.29th and he is gaining his strength back. Thank you all for your supports and prayers and love. My TTC is wacky. I don't temp. I was stressed up. But I do check for CM. But I thank God for everything. I hope you are all doing good. Sending prayers and to those who needs it. Love you all. Fola
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