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Hi Ladies, Hope you are all doing good. eesh: Hi Welcome to the board Sending to all temp. drops. Take care everyone
Hello Ladies : and : and wishing everyone well. I'm really down.: : I have Doc. appointment on Nov.9th. Looking forward to the day. Sending and
Hi Ladies, Nothing much going on with me. I felt a little down, concerning this issues of TTC. At last, I have appt. with a new Doc. on Nov. 9th. I'm looking forward to the day. I'm so happy to read the news here. It raises up my hope and spirit. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! to 2much2luv and mellybell. I'm so happy for you: : : to those who needs it. I needs it too. : for those who wants to POASaturday for their GL everyone.
Hi Ladies, I hope you are all doing good. Thank you all for your supports and good wishes. Well, I tested yesterday but a dent shown at the Test line. Yesternight I started spottting, and today reared its ugly face. Wishing everyone goodluck You will all be in my prayers and thoughts. and Blessings to everyone.
Hi Ladies, I hope you are doing okay. I started spotting yesterday. found me today. to you all
Hi Ladies. I hope you are all doing okay. I tested again yesterday, there was a dent in the test line. I think that means BFN. I decided to get digital HPT, but this is another story. I started spotting yesternight, and showed today. Please move me to waiting to O Frog: Your : is looking good.: mamssweetP: : Christy1980: I pray you catch the eggies.: GL to those who got and found . Wishing you goodluck next cycle. Waiting to...
Hi all, Thank you all for your supports and prayers. I forgot to test when I woke up to pee in the night. So I peed at 7:00am (I think that is no more FMU) anyway I tested with my $Tree nothing shown but a "dent" anyway I decided to test if there is no today, tomorrow and next. I will test with the digital test. OMG!!! as am typing now I'm having a brown spotting(tmi) : : it just once I will wait and see what's going on. Ocean mom Thanks lilyflower: ...
Hi Ladies, Just checking what's going on here. Congratulations!!!! on your BFP Jannyjo : Natalia and twilight Girl: I tested today, the same 'dent' show. If no today, tomorrow I'll test on Saturday. Good luck everyone
Hi, Test again in 3 days. The same thing is happening here. I tested on 13DPO a dent showed the same today. I'm testing in 3 days too. GL when you test.HTH
Hello Ladies, Just checking on you to know how y'all are doing. 13DPO today, my common LP is 11. I tested today with $Tree, It showed a 'dent' at the Test line. I will test again on Oct. 11th a date given by FF if there is no tomorrow. Sending and blessings to everyone.
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