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Hi Ladies, Good to hear from you all. Yay!!! Jannyjo Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy for you.:::: Me: I'm 6DPO today. Today I felt somekind of cramp in my tummy, not really painful one but like tummy-ache, can't even describe it. My temp. dipped a bit below coverline. You can stalks my chart. TIA Wishing and : for everyone.
Hello Ladis Thanks for the new thread. 6dpo today. Feeling some kind of weird today. Going to sleep, till tomorrow (day time.)
Hi All, Good to hear from you all. Got my crosshairs today, can I be move to waiting to know please. [B] MamaHippo:[/B]Congrat!!! on your BFP: Happy and H 9 months ChristyM26: Congrats!!!:Congrats!!! Janet, : for you. Shelly4: Congratulations to you too.: Nicole: Sorry about AF GL to you in your next cycle. Tenk: How heartbreaking!! I will be : for you and your family. : and wishing everyones well.
Hi all, Thanks for the new thread. Welldone: Congrats!!!!::: barose: Arduinna;GL in catching the eggies, I hope this is the cycle for you. jannyjo: GL in your 2ww. widdlelon: I'm so sorry : for you and your family. hlnmommy: Michelle: GL in 2ww. maaginmommy: Sorry I hope you feel better soon. Me: CD11 today. I hope I ovulate soon. I had annuovulatory cycle last time. It really stress me up. So this cycle, I just wants to be less stress....
Hi Ladies, : for everyone. God would be our help. We are all going to see God's favor I wish everyone GL in our TTC's journey. Happy Saturday to everyone.
Hi Ladies, How are you all doing? This may be a little late greetings. Congrats!!! to all the recent , meisterfraue, widdelelou, Stacy, impchild, kconterio I'm so happy for you : You all have a H and H 9 months. I'm sorry for all AF and BFN.pray for your GL in your new cycle. Jezzy: : for you. GL when you test. You are all in my prayers and thought. I pray that we will all see the favor of God amen Have a wonderful Saturday.
Hello everyone Glad to hear that everything is going on well with everyone. I'm CD1 today. I thank God for the end of this long cycle. Here is me :bouncing to the new cycle. Wishing and praying for everyone.
Hello everyone, Congrats to alll the BFP Huge to AF and BFN. Wishing you GL in your new cycle. [B ][/B]CD1 today. I'm happy for the end of last long cycle (annuovulatory). Here is me to a new cycle of success. Happy weekend to everyone.
Hi Ladies Thanks so much for your quick replies. I agreed with you on CD35 for Ov. because in my other boards I visited (BC) they mentioned the same date. I remembered on CD32 I was sick: I discarded one highest temp. 99.83 F ItyBty, angel1895, thanks a bunch for taking out of your time to answer me. And others that will still contributes. pampered mom: I'm sorry for AF I love you all. and blessings to us all
Hello Here is myh chart please help me out. TIA Its in my siggy. Thanks.
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