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I'm sorry I mean too much work (not word) is a spill of ? or ? Good job you're doing great job! And with baby, you're super mama
I just read the thread. OMG Wow! That's just a lot to do one day Where will you get the strength? Better don't log in into MDC today! Too much word a day. Take it easy friend
Check all your pictures. It's Great. Your hair look awesome
Hi ladies, Joining you there, it happened to me too. I lurked on this board during the ovulation time to checks other how the are doing. In one word i am obsessed (sp) !
Hey! Thanks for the link. I will check it.
Hello, I just read your post. Have nothing to say but to give you big HUGS( ) ( ) as others. And Best wishes.
Hi, Thanks for your reply Kharen, I understood all the explanation. Aprreciated. Don't know where to get TCOTF book you mention. Can you direct me please? I mean where to get it? TIA
Hello Ladies, I have ? p/s, and I dont know whether I;m in the right forum to ask the question. Anyway the ? is After AF what are the sign to be watching for towards ovulation? This sound like a stupid ? but I'm confused. I don't know whether I am doing it right or wrong. I'm charting on Fertitlity friend, though first time last month it told me ovulation was not detected. Please Help. I'm on CD6 today waiting to Ovulated. Thank you All. I will be waiting...
Hi there, I too I'm TTC#4 strugglingly (sp). I just said that I should tell you that I love it here. Good job, I'm just lurking and learning new things to ask my Dr. You all doing great job MDC Mamas
Thanks cjr
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