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Hi Ladies, How are you all doing? I'm sorry for not posting often. Oceannmommy.(yclebuddies) Thanks for your hug. How are you doing? funnygrace. Hi and thanks. pampered_mom: Thanks fierrbugg: I'm so sorry for you I pray that God will make the sticky one for you, in the next cycle. Heather, Welcome to the board. Me: Not much going on here, still waiting to Ov. Ok Ladies, Later
Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing great. I'm so sorry for my late contributions here. Hazeleyes: Thanks for the new thread. Stacy: sunflwrmoonbean: Mimiharshe:Hi: NadiaLadida: Stellinamo: and GL in 2ww. trueblue: Baby Makes 4: Sorry As for me, am still waiting to Ov. Good luck to those who will POAS soon. : for your and to those AF found and BFN : for goodluck in this new cycle. oodluk to those in 2ww. Ok...
Hi Ladies, Can I be added to the list. I have been TTC for #3 since Oct. 2005. : for everyone for our miracles this year 2007. GL to everyone. and God's Blessings to all.
Hi SAHM here it. And I'm loving it.
Hello Everyone kiliz:: Welcome here. I hope your stay here is short. Sending to those who needs it. : for those who are going to test. You are all in my prayers and thoughts.
Good Day everyone massaginmommy: Thanks and Sending GL wishes to those POAS on Saturday. And sending Ovulation's to those waiting to Ovulate : that we all catch the: Okay later ladies,
Hi all, I just pop in to see what's going on here. There is nothing much with me here. I'm so sorry for those AF found and those with BFN Congrats!!! to all with mamabearsolessed: I do read your message. But I'm so sorry for not having time to reply it. Thanks so much for your love and prayers for me and DH. He's really getting much better. Sunflwrmoonbean: Hi, Okay ladies, TTYL
Hi Ladies, Happy New Year to you all. Wow!!! New Year new blessings and miracles from the beginning. Coloradomom: Congrats!!: crunchyandsweet: Welcome, I pray your stay here is short. natalia: Congratulations!!!!!! I'm so happy for you : [B]lilly7: [/B] Congrats!!! : and sending your way. mandy13: Congrats!!! : haelleyes: Ok later everyone.
Hi all Thanks for the new thread Stacy Congrats!!! Augustlia: Hazie: : for you. [B]mamabearsoblessed[B]: Christina::1prayng: this to be your month. GL sunflwrmoonbeam: Megin and Katie: jannyjo:Sorry Tenk: Stacymom: Congrats.!!!! : Sending you sticky vibes. : for more, more, more s your way. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE and blessings
Hi Everyone CD2 here today. Crystal, Teneal, Oceanmommy, Punquin : for our miracles and blessings in year 2007 amen. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL Later,
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