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I haven't posted much in the group, but I've been lurking and reading along with you all throughout our pregnancies :)   Cormac Murray was born at home after a week of prodromal labor, at 5:13am February 20th. He was 7lbs 8oz and 19.75 inches. He's already a very different baby than his sister and we all love him to bits :)    
Kellybeth I'd love to see a nursery tour! You've made some really beautiful things :)
Just make sure that if you make it it's one long piece of continuous fabric (5.5-6 meters... like 6 yards? I don't know, I'm Canadian, haha). Otherwise it will have weak spots and won't be as supportive. You'll probably end up with enough fabric to make two :)
My daughter is 27 months and I'm also starting to resent nursing a bit! I started off planning to tandem for as long as possible, but I have been contemplating weaning as well (never going to happen, DD isn't ready). My colostrum came in last week and now that she's getting something again she's been nursing more frequently. If I could cut out bedtime nursing I would, but it just doesn't seem like she'd handle it well!
Ok, I've got one:   I just cried (real tears) when I found out Amy Poehler and Will Arnett are getting a divorce. And I may or may not have had jelly beans for breakfast one day.   Not at all! Sometimes you just don't want to share. I get it :)
Coconut oil works for me if the infection is mild or inserting a garlic clove overnight (cut in half and then use a needle to string thread through... like a garlic tampon, haha). I used both of these last pregnancy :)
Love that quiz! I got "Classic Eccentric" and many of the names of my short list were on it :)
Here's a list of all the midwives in Edmonton area: http://www.asac.ab.ca/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=57:edmonton-area-midwives&catid=38:about-midwives&Itemid=92   The closest to you is probably Beginnings or Barbara Scriver, they're on the southend. The only birth centre in the city is Lucina, but they're on the west end of Edmonton. I would call every midwife TODAY if you really want midwife care. It's super competitive in Edmonton, and most people...
You definitely need to do what's best for you and baby! Grant Macewan has an Early Childhood Education program and I am sure you could finish it out here. I actually have a friend who was taking it and got pregnant so she had to postpone a bit to graduate. The instructors seem really accommodating and family-oriented so if you need to put school on hold for a bit I'm sure you could do it here! School can wait, but you're only pregnant for a short period of time, and it...
canadianhippie, where in Alberta will you be relocating? I'm in Edmonton and would love to meet up with you if you need mama friends. We are a young couple as well, my DP is also still in school. With my first pregnancy we were living in Vancouver, and I ended up moving back to Edmonton in my second trimester, while he stayed in Van to finish his semester. So I understand how difficult it can be to be young parents in post-secondary, as well as being pregnant alone :(
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