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So how do you cope with the exhaustion ? I'd love to hear all the little tricks you're developing or have developed!!
Hey everybody! I just found out I'm pregnant and I am still nursing my 9 month old a lot! I'm nervous about my supply but glad to find the resources you ladies posted! I'm also nervous about tandem nursing but i know i really want to do it! Really excited to find this thread!!    
Hi Jessica! My daughter is just a little younger then yours! I havent found too much happening in this area. I would love to know if you find stuff! There is one breastfeeding group I go to on in Elkhart but it is not really a "natural minded" group its just what ive found so far. The la leche league in elkhart is pretty non existant. Have you found anything in your looking so far?
you ladies are awesome thanks for making me feel better
Thanks for your reply. sometimes i just need someone to tell me its ok and normal... Unfortunately my family just keeps telling me she is spoiled and i better do something about it before it gets worse...
My 8 month old daughter has started screaming and crying if you take something from her. Not that i make a habit of that but sometimes we have to put something away or she manages to get something she shouldn't have. Being a first time mom I am not sure how to deal with it. She also will scream and cry if she just gets mad ( i set her down, we walk into a different room, diaper change when she doesn't want it). Is this developmental? Is it a problem? How do I handle...
nak but i had to say my dd is doing the same thing! i thought the same thing as you about sleep regressions... but maybe not? hmm...
It's nice to hear other mamas going through similar things. I also tried to google this but had no luck! I have taken two pregnancy test, not even thinking i was really pregnant but... when you expect AF and she doesn't show up... lol
I have had 1 PP AF and it was a totally normal. My DD is 7 months but i still bf frequently and through out the night. How regular should my cycle be? I ask because i am now 8 days late. I thought i O'd (EWCM mid month) but now i have EWCM about and have for several days. Any help from you wonderfully educated mamas? Thanks
Thanks so much for the help ladies! I'll just keep offering and we'll get through it
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