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Starling&diesel, I would love to know what you would do if your child did use those words, especially if they were used in a moment of anger? My daughter uses stupid and hate whenever she gets really, really upset and saying "we don't use that word" does absolutely nothing. So, I'd love some ideas on what you'd do if your child resorted to these types of words. 
Snapdragon your message was blank. ?
Oh my, I could have written this post! The only difference is that my daughter is the spirited, demanding, extrovert and my son is the can't-play-alone-or-stand-to-be-in-another-room extrovert. So it sounds like your daughter is my two kids put together, but we likely have similar homes. :-) I am very much the same as you--need quiet but don't get it, can't stand loud noises or constant contact. Being a SAHM doesn't allow for any quiet time, but I take heart knowing that...
Katelove- so your three year old only eats corn for a veggie? How do you handle offering other veggies? And do you implement the "you have to try at least one bite of everything" rule? It's not as easy as it sounds (or at least it's not with my two!).    Also, one thing I keep reading is that we shouldn't only give dessert on nights when they've eaten well. Rather, they should be able to have dessert even after a "poor" dinner because otherwise we're reinforcing the idea...
We're getting my 3.5 year old a boy doll and a green toys ferry boat. His Grandma is giving him Squigz which I KNOW he will love!! Check them out on amazon..they look so fun.
I wanted to add that I've also tried the "don't talk about the food and don't respond to complaints etc." and it doesn't work either. If I ignore them and don't encourage them to eat SOMETHING then I know that there will be times they eat nothing at all! So...how does that work??
AAAGH! I'm so at my wit's end with my two kids (5 and 3) and they're dinnertime behavior and eating.  They've never been easy to feed, never eaten large amounts of food, and never been accepting of the "one bite" rule.  So not only do I have two very selective eaters, I also have a five year old who still, despite us talking to her many times, does the "ooh gross I'm NOT Eating that!" rather than politely choosing something she does want to try. And my three year old is a...
400 is a minimum. I've heard that we should have much more, espec ially during the grey months. Problem is, I just don't know HOW much more we need.
I'm not sure this is the best place to post this but I'm curious as to whether or not many of you give your LOs Vitamin D? My kids are 5 and 3 yr old, but I also want to take it. We live in the Pacific Northwest, and the gloomy days have begun so I feel I should start Vit D. We give Rainbow Light MV that contains 400 iu's but I know more is important...just don't know how MUCH more.   Any insight would be appreciated..thanks!
I just wanted to say that it takes courage to reach out and ask for help. You've making steps towards becoming a peaceful parent--by acknowledging that you need to change. Good for you. I wish you much luck! I can tell that you truly are a loving mama.
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