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Im SUPER emotional today. There are some things happening at work... and it just sucks. stupid things are making me cry!
It could be that your sense of smell is hightened so you just think you smell? Does your DH notice anything extra smelly? I have noticed it too. But i have also noticed and increase in CM.
Alright...so here it is... I was a 38DDD...yes i meant to put three... Before I was pregnant. I went up a full cup size every trimester, including the 4th. I am currently sitting at a 38 I...yes I.... I am currently still nursing. My fear is that I will increase more. Then where the heck would i find a bra... I already have to travel an hr to get fittedand locate a bra and they only have 2 options for me. It SUCKS! Has anyone nursed during a pregnancy and increased...
i would guess caffiene. this is my 3rd day w/o and havent reaally had one...which is super rare. good luck! im sorry.
Im due in Jan but thought i would come and post here too. I am only five weeks pregnant right now. And I feel tired, warn-out, Nauseous, crampy(both stomach and back), Thirsty, I pee alot more, and if i dont eat soon enough i start to get hunger pains and feel sick. But then when I do eat I get dizzy and light headed. How are you girls doing? I am super excited to have another baby. I currently have a 13 month old baby daughter. I am currently still nursing her. So we...
Yeah, I get to deal with the...Nursing while pregnant thing...I hate it...its none of you business so LEAVE ME ALONE!! Thats all I got to say. I have some back pain depending on what I do. I also have been going to the bathroom alot more, as in looser stools. I am usually constipated All. The. Time. But Its kind of a relief to be able to go. But when I have to go. You better get out of the way!! ha.
I had some sex dreams last night!!! WOAH it was CRAZY. Seriously...if my husband only knew...It was some Girl on Girl...
yes...sooo tired as well...and the tummy growling too!!
I am currently 5 weeks along. JUST found out that I am pregnant like 2 days ago. I was 4 days late. I thought man, I must have a bladder infection or I am pregnant. I guess the latter is true. What kind of symptoms or issues are you having with this pregnancy?? And how far along are you? I am having ALOT of extra CM, I am peeing alot more, If i dont eat soon enough I start to feel nauseous. When I do finally eat I get really light headed, and I am having some...
Im the type of person that cant really keep her mouth shut...so Ive told alot of my friends and my immediate family. And my work. (im only filling in for the Massage Therapist that went on Mat leave) I also told everyone right away with my first. Im just to excited to keep it in!
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