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Quote: Originally Posted by Banana731 bummer. my first few pp cycles are always quite long, 40+ days. But always got increasingly shorter with each cycle. Well that is good to know. Maybe mine will get shorter too!
Quote: Originally Posted by mommy amber I think it could definitely work...we have a queen and after we welcomed lo#2 to the fam we sidecarred our crib that had been collecting dust...does one side of your crib detach? maybe you don't even need to buy another bed? many places also sell risers for beds, so you could try experimenting with them to get a fairly even height across the two...I used to roll a thin blanket/sheet and place it in the crack b/w...
Wow, this is a great thread. I'm exhausted. I have been since Jan. 14, 2010 the night my DD was born. LOL No kidding. She's been doing great about sleeping but I haven't had a non-broken nights sleep since her birth. I am SO glad to read the other women have the "brain fog" and the difficulty to keep up with adult convo.. I just thought I was losing my mind! And snappish...oh yes. Poor DH! I am a WAHM btw. I started back to work 2 weeks after DD was born. One of...
HI Mama's. My DD perfers to co-sleep with DH and I so we pretty much let her do it when she wants to. A typical night has her start out in bed with us, then transferred to her crib (foot of our bed) for a couple hours until she wakes up and I put her back into our bed until morning. The reason I transfer her at all is because we are sleeping in a queen sized bed and there just simply isn't enough room for me to sleep comfortable. I always give DH more room than me...
Well ladies my cycle started today. Guess my cycle this month was a balmy 37 days.
Still nothing ladies! 36 days no sign of AF yet!
I'm not sure. This is the first one I've tracked. lol.
Hello Ladies, I hope everyone is having a fabulous month. My LMP was May 21st....and no sign of AF yet. Should I be concerned? LOL
Just checking in. Hope everyone is doing well! Apparently I can test in 2 days but I haven't had any symptoms and DH and I stopped trying mid "try try try" cycle because we decided to wait until fall. BUT you never know. We did try for a few days. LOL
Ladies, thank you so much for your supportive responses! I'm still a little confused and it's so hard not to "try" right now when I'm supposed to be O! But I'm trying to focus on eating right and exercise. If anything I might wait until August or Sept to try in "earnest" but if God decides before then to bless us...then I guess that's what is in the cards for me. I guess this thread is great, "no stressing obsessing." hehe! I hope you guys don't mind if I...
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