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Would totally love this!
Would love love love a beco carrier!!
Yes all children are different.  BUT, even given the perfect experiences might not grow and develop at the pace thats right for them.  The truth is some kids need some help.  they just do.  There are a variety of reasons that kids need help.  The important part to be aware of is that for many with developmental delays the earlier the help arrives the more likely and more easily they will be able to catch up.  Yes, some will catch up with no help but it is good to have...
I worked with a little boy that did this...he had some other sensory issues as well.  I used work with TN early tintervention system.  It sounds like sensory seeking behavior to me.  The good news is that this behavior in the boy I worked with significantly decreased after a short time with some OT work.  A lot of which his parents did at home. 
So funny Sue, we call it nunu too (I know its somewhat common) and Willa's way of asking is usually "nunu couch nunu couch" all while shaking her head yes... We rarely nurse out in public..maybe a couple times a month at the library, park or zoo.  She is usually too distracted...though she will ask on the way home when its no longer an option. Sticky vibes coming to you starling!
Willa also says "hold you mama"!    My fav phrase is "we can do it"!  I have a rosie the riveter poster and she flexes her arm and everything!
So exciting for you mamas trying to have another!  I hope with fingers crossed we might be in a place to try next summer or fall... I think Willa may wean sometime this winter.  She only nurses a few minutes at at a time now except for first thing in the am...
I like the vaccine book by dr sears.  He clearly discusses each vaccine and the diseases they are for.  He talks about how common the diseses are, how seriuos and and how they can be treated if caught. We did the hib and pcv first around 4 months mainly cause meningitis can be very serious and we had a family friend lose thier 5 yo son to it within days.  We did the dtap later on as well and that is all we have done.  DD is 22 months, still BF and is not in group...
I think an awful lot depends on the child.  Some kids really need consistency more than others.  My oldest was always pretty flexible and could tell when I meant business.  My youngest needs clearer boundaries.  I also saw with other kids that their parents were creating more problems by allowing negotiating and not providing consistency.  I do agree with choosing your battles but its my opinion that you should try and choose which ones you are willing to let go before...
Many of these behaviors fall within a "normal" range for a toddlers need/sense of order, but...many could also be indications of something more and honestly some do sound like the beginnings of OCD.  When obsessions begin to interfere with daily lives it is no longer "normal"  Just my 2 cents..
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