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I have been breastfeeding for 4+ weeks now and since a few days I have a red bump, partially raised, on my areola.  It hurts quite badly and makes me not want to bf on that side.  Anyone any suggestions on what it can be and how to get rid of it?  Do I need to see my doctor? Thanks!
You may also want to be prepared for the fact that you may not want to move (much) at all.  For the larger and tougher part of my labour, I could hardly bear to move during my contractions, never mind walk.  I had prepared for all sorts of positions, was aware of the benefits of walking etc., but just couldn't.  It would have helped me to know that moving is just not an option for some women. (Of course, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't follow up with the hospital on...
Since a week or so, I am experiencing sharp stabbing pains down under when I change position or walk.  I have been having a lot of (suspected) UTI's and now I don't know whether this is something in that range or whether it can be the cervix.  Anyone else having the same?
Dear vulnerable,  Your post made me cry and I don't know what to say in comfort about the loss of your little boy.  I hope you can find the strength to take care of yourself and your beautiful daughter and that you have people around you to support you.
Congratulations!  Good to hear you're daughter is doing fine now and hope all goes well for you too soon!
To the best of my knowledge, that's still a good reading for late pregancy.  Should not get much higher, but still fine.  Your BP will be creeping up towards the end, as MaddyMay already mentioned.  Btw, puffiness also normal (I just checked the stats online: 80% of pregnant women have swelling in fingers, ankles etc), as long as it doesn't get extreme.
Beverly, wow! -And that must have felt like such a long wait for #3!  
Thank you, mamas, for the responses!  Danipoppins, so interesting to see those numbers - it was already my impression that first babies tend to bake a bit longer than 40 weeks.  
This is my first pregnancy and my due date is 16 January.  I find it pretty unnerving not knowing when 'it' can all start: tonight still, tomorrow, next week or even three weeks from now.  What is normal (if anything)?  Is it common for a first baby to come before 39 weeks?  When did people have their first one?  (At the same time, I am so excited it's finally *January*!)
Glad you feel reassured.  I read the story of the other mama as well - pretty sure it was a different thing altogether.  But it's true that the palpitations themselves can feel pretty unnerving.  Take care!
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