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I am having the very same thing.  Heart palpitations are fairly common in pregnancy - and for me they start just before I can feel my uterus contract.  I am fairly confident it has nothing to do with whether you are in good shape or not, so I wouldn't worry about it!
Zinc cream is always calming and safe to use.
Just found out passing isn't really an option for me.  My ob told me the benefits are so evident, apparently, that not taking the shot isn't done.  I am quite comfortable with the hospital and the care I've received so far, so I'll comply (esp. as it's post-birth anyway)...
Congratulations with your baby daughter!  That must have been so scary, but so good that you are OK now.  Enjoy your new daughter!!
Just on the melatonin: small amounts are more effective than large amounts (my dh reported this to me - he read some studies on it).  250 micrograms (1/4 of a gram) should suffice.  Apparently, some company has a patent on this size...  You might want to try cutting down.  Also search this forum for insomnia, there have been some threads with good tips recently.        
Sprouts are not like other raw vegetables, but they contain a special risk for salmonella (don't ask me for the details: I think it's to do with the bacteria settling in on the inside of the sprout, even homegrown sprouts, making it impossible to clean properly).  So as long as you properly wash the raw veggies, they should be fine.  I'd just avoid sprouts of any kind.   I'd be a bit concerned about supermarket prepared meat, not (just) for the nitrites (esp. if you...
  I will so have that problem too: today I even corrected my DH sternly when he told someone the due date was Jan 15 (it is Jan 16).  As if that level of precision will count for anything!  
Warmest congratulations!  Good to hear that you are both doing so well!  
Thanks everyone, it's very useful to know how this fit into a bigger picture.  I'd already been wondering about the pros and mainly cons of early cord clamping as well, so I'll definitely ask that they wait with that.  I also feel more at ease with the injection (but will still address it with my obgyn).
I was just told by my ob this week that my hospital routinely gives a pitocin injection immediately after the birth, to avoid excessive bleeding and to make sure the placenta comes out properly (thereby avoiding the risk of greater intervention later on).  I was a bit surprised, as hospitals in the Netherlands (where I am) are traditionally low on intervention.  That being said, two of my best friends bled excessively after giving birth to the point where it was an...
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