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Don't panic: you can have all kinds of discharge during your pregnancy and it can still be normal (incl. different colours and consistency - as long as it's not bright red). Off-smell seems normal too.  But if you are this worried, I'd certainly call my midwife - at the same time, also try to stay relaxed until you see her, as that's the best thing you can do for yourself and your baby.  
It sounds like you have no reason to be concerned, but it depends on how hard you got kicked, really.  Only you can judge that (but by what you describe it seems that luckily you didn't get kicked very hard).  
  Hurray - another piece of unfounded advice out of the window!   
Hi there,   I don't have OCD, but I have a neurotic tendency and worried my entire pregnancy about toxoplasmosis and listeria and just want to share a few of my coping techniques (with thanks to my DH):   (1) You're really far now (we're in the same DDC).  No5no5 is right: perfect safety is not possible - and yet look how far you made it all healthy!  Trust that those last weeks will go well too!   (2) The risks of listeria and toxoplasmosis have been...
Allisonrose, thanks for sharing.  Poor hubby, being put on the spot anyway...  Yet I wish mine felt the same ;-)
  Quote: Originally Posted by allisonrose  Please allow the umbilical cord to stop pulsating before it is clamped and cut. Dad does not wish to cut the cord   Allisonrose, quick question (sorry OP, it's not on the composition of the birthplan), out of interest: why did you and your DH not want him to cut the umbilical cord?  I am asking, because DH and I are having an argument about this: I was shown a hospital video where the OB handed the...
Excellent hair cut - you look smashing!
Don't worry - a UTI can cause a miscarriage / early delivery (esp. if the infection spreads to the kidneys), but it seems you caught it early.  Do take the antibiotics - UTIs are much harder to get rid of during pregnancy and what you'll be prescribed will be safe (there's a clear class of antibiotics of which it is well known that it is safe during pregnancy).  Consequences of a UTI can be much more nasty.    Also, do drink a lot of liquids and one glass of pure...
Paracetamol / Tylenol is widely considered safe to take during pregnancy.  As most medicine is ineffective against colds anyway, you might as well take (just) that for pain relief.   Get better soon!
You might want to have your urine checked for a UTI - increased BH contractions are one of the symptoms.
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