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Warmest congratulations!  It sounds as if Micah and you are doing very well - all the best!
Ladies, do get your urine checked out, to be sure!  That being said, it's well possible it's the pressure of the growing baby on an irritable bladder (I no longer have a UTI, but the problems haven't gone away) - but if it is, you want to get it treated.  A mild UTI you may be able to cure with liquids, but not a nasty one (and you cannot always tell by the symptoms). 
Asymptomatic UTIs are more common during pregnancy, that's why I think in the US they do routine tests for it in the second trimester (today my neighbour in the birthing class told me she had been diagnosed with one coincidentally - this is in the Netherlands).  Also when you have a symptomatic one, symptoms are different from when you are not pregnant (e.g., I did not have a burning feeling when peeing, so initially I did not realize I had one).   I'd just like to...
I noticed it too - how couldn't I?  But I am actually fascinated by the phenomenon: I think it shows we are all social creatures and the 'social group' gets excited by the impending addition to it.  So I am just basking in the attention!   I'm not saying there aren't limits: I was told by the owner of my (former - I now no longer go there out of self-respect) favourite takeout place that she could tell I was going to have a boy, because women pregnant with girls look...
Same here.  UTI much less cool during pregnancy.
Actually, half a pound a week of weight gain is just what my pregnancy book says is the baby's growth rate for 32+ weeks.  So it all does add up :-)
Very good to hear you're feeling better! And keep up the drinking liquids (2-3 liters / day, my doctor said) to prevent a recurrence (as happened to me).
I love the name Dorothy (was my top choice for a girl's name - but we'll be having a boy) as well as naming after someone special, esp. family members.  And it goes nicely with Ann.   Isaac Francis is very classy in a nice way.   Also think top 100 is OK, but top 10 not so cool.  Don't know where these names sit, but I was surprised Isaac was that popular.    Samuel is also a nice name (but I think also in top 100). 
Hi, I sympathize - I had an eating disorder in the past too, and it's been hard to be confronted with the weight gain, esp. pre-bump, when I only seemed to put on fat. Yet while I think people take too many liberties with their comments, in my view the best way to deal with them is to accept the weight gain as part of the process of baking a beautiful baby! Pre-pregnancy I was a champion in snide rebuffs, but I don't want to ruin my own happiness with a sharp remark ...
Quote: Originally Posted by katelove Home monitoring is not as sensitive as the 3hr GTT. The home monitors are intended to be an adjunct to treatment not a diagnostic tool. In the presence of GD a woman's BGL will rise higher and drop more slowly following a glucose challenge than in a woman who does not have GD. That's why 3-5 blood tests are done during the test. And lab machines not bedside (or home) monitors are used to analyse the samples. The large...
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