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They require a lot more paperwork for the IEPs than just your typically enrolled child. In addition to the ILP, work samples, and progress reports of the typical enrolled child, you  have to do your IEP meeting and have to keep a record of what you did to work toward your IEP goals that you are supposed to update every two weeks. I believe this is mandated by the State and as a public school entity, they have to comply. It makes perfect sense in a public school setting...
Happy New year!  We are still here, with no definite plans when we are leaving. We had to pull the offer on the house in Montana. There were some red flags at the last and things were not happening in the time that we allotted. My husband is planning another house hunting trip next month. He'll take our older son with him, but  it's too much (money and otherwise) for all of us to go again. A bit disappointing, but I wasn't really looking to a mid-winter move...
Congratulations IwannaBanRN!  He's a cutie!
seems like it's a good time to buy there. The place we're buying has been on the market for a long time, that's why it's now in short sale.
I know, it is pretty funny to think about. The winters can get as cold as here (south central) but they are also shorter and summers are warmer. I think it's more our style.
Bozeman Area. I grew up in Hamilton and have family there and Missoula, but we love Yellowstone and have wanted to live near there for a long time.
Hey all!  I'm so bad about posting anymore.  :/    Our big news is that we are looking to move back to Montana.  We were down at the end of August looking at houses. We found one and promptly put an offer, which was accepted by the seller. However, it is a short sale so things could still fall through with the seller's bank and it's a slow process, but so far, so good.  As things are still up in the air with the house, we don't know exactly when we are moving, somewhere...
thanks. The term "Short sale" is certainly misleading, isn't it? ;)
Offer was accepted. Now we're working on the closing rigamarole and hoping nothing falls through there. It's a short sale,so there's a bit extra of that, and we're not exactly sure when we're moving yet. Looking forward to getting down there though!
Just thought I'd post an intro here. We are not in MT yet, but will be in the Bozeman area probably by the end of the year. We were down last week looking at property and made an offer on a place in Livingston before flying home. We should find out tomorrow if our offer is accepted.   We have two boys, almost 10 and 8 I homeschool them. I look forward to getting to know you!
New Posts  All Forums: