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Her tongue has been white for some time and the dr. said it's probably reflux. Now the white on the tongue are small bumps. The white blisters on the lips are getting bigger by the day. Today is day number three. Also, important, I've been feeling some pain during nursing. Thanks again.
My 6 month old dd has these white blister like things on her lips. Her tongue is also slightly white, but nothing on the palate or inside of her cheeks. She also has a cold. Are these connected? Or is it thrush?   What can I do at home to relieve this?   Thanks.
Does it work? It's supposed to help reduce hoarseness, to get rid of stubborn phlegm, and to enable the voice to be smooth and clear.   My child has a hoarse voice, with a slightly large adenoid, and is taking Flonase currently.   Thanks.
I was told to give iron to my five and a half month old at 1 mg. per kg. She's 5 kg, so 5 mg daily.   Is this recommended here? The doctor said the new recommendation is from 4 months old. From what age do people give and until what age?   Thank you.
My 3 year old has had very soft/ not formed stools since he's a baby, is up and down  his growth curve, and very small. He's a beyond picky eater, and has tons of energy,  wakes up at night...   He had tons of blood tests done from age 1.5 -3 and the only things off are the IGE by a bit. Normal is 0-240, and he's 286. He also has low iron, low hg., low Transferritin. He takes iron, which helps slowly.   We did the prick allergy test, and it showed nothing. When...
I'm currently taking Domp. for my 3 month old. The dose is 4 times a day before/during meals. I need to take Digestive Enzymes, which needs to be done before meals.    Is it possible to do both? Do they knock each other out? What would be the ideal way to do it? The other vitamins I take is in another thread, although I don't know if it makes a difference to these.   Thank you.
These are the vitamins we take and I'd like to know when to take them, and which can be taken together, the more that can be taken together, the easier it is.   The 3 time slots are morning, after school, and night.   Kids ages 3-8:   Multivitamin Vit. C Vit. D Omega 3  Probiotic (One kid needs Iron, which I do after school.)   Myself:   Prenatal Vit. D Omega 3 (ideally in 3 doses, I usually do 2.) Cal-Mag (twice a...
I would like to go GF for one of my children, hoping it will help his behavior. He's a very active boy, and is not ADHD, but way too much energy. He never stops.   Most of the recipes I've seen have many ingredients. Are there any simple ones that taste good, and can last a few hours out of the fridge until he has lunch at school?   Thanks.
Which is more effective and comfortable for baby?   Thanks
My 2 month old had a similar issue. She would cough horribly, stuffed nose, with almost nothing coming out... I cut dairy - no difference.We were at the doctor a few times!   At 7 1/2 weeks it stopped on its own, over a period of 4 days. None of my other kids had it, and I guess she needed more time for her system to clear. It's a week with no coughing, and no clogged nose.   What a relief!   There are times, that it takes longer for the system to...
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