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Where do you suspect the hidden tie to be? I suspect one of my other children has it, but it doesn't look it.  
I've been at an Osteopath 4 times already. My baby needed to be reclipped 3 weeks later, due to partial reattachment.   This time I'm also giving her the Calendula /Aloe Vera drops.  Hopefully it will heal better, and she's still clicking.  
Thanks everyone.  
How does the Calendula help?   Thanks.
What is a good age to pierce a girl's ears? My DD is currently 7 weeks old, and I'm not running to do it tomorrow, but would like to know what is appropriate health-wise, and what precautions, and things to do b/f and after.   Thank you.
I tried Coconut oil first, but didn't help. The probiotic in powder form is what helped us.   Thanks everyone.  
With all my kids, my milk dries up on one side within a few months and so I nurse mostly on one side. No pumping, since almost nothing comes out. I need to stimulate to get s/t from that side, and to make sure the good side continues fine. With some of my others I used only Fenugreek, and BT, but was just told that Alfalfa has helped others even more than the Fenugrrek.  But the LC who told me didn't know the dose. I didn't find that the Fenugreek is helping this...
Yes. But the dosage on the bottle is for regular use, not for nursing, like the Fenugreek.
Does the milk really sooth?   I should cover the burn after putting on the honey?   Thanks  again.
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