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Not all American doctors are against drinking a bit during preg. You don't have to totally abstain, unless it's 95% alcohol!   
Those should probably help a lot. Getting the issue resolved, will enable you to pick up your child.  
I also have 4 boys, and am hoping for a girl this time. I will not ask at the u/s, but wait. The girl I'll have, (whenever that will be) will be a princess!!   (Boys, by the way, are conceived when the mother releases the egg first, and girls, when the father releases first, so it's "our" fault  when it's a boy! )  
Katelove: I appreciate your questions.   The dr. mentioned that it's when the shoulder comes out. I don't know much about this, since I heard about this for the first time at my last appt. and wanted to check here first.   What caused the bleeding is the baby coming out very quickly.Not a lot of time between head and everything else.  Nothing I could prevent, and no tearing on my part. They wanted to give it right after the birth but I wanted to make sure I...
The last 2 days before birth, my babies almost don't move, that's how I know the baby will be here soon.  
That was not easy to watch. Aat my hospital (Lasalle, QC) they allow different birthing positions - on the bed. No floor. At the other hospitals here in Montreal, they're not as giving. It was all four for me last time.
Quantum Raspberry Tincture  - How much should I take daily, and how much at the third trimester?   Thanks.  
I would understand that he might want to be cautious during the beginning, but after the initial stage, unless there are other health issues, it's quite strange.  
I second a chiro or osteopath. My sister just had the same issue, and only dealt with it the last month. She felt so much better after that.  
With one of my babies, we did not hear a HB at 20 weeks, and there was no mvmt. and my extremelly experienced OB sent me for an U/S. Turned out the placenta was based in the front, and covered the whole area, so it was impossible for me to really feel things then. Later in the pregnancy, when the baby was bigger, I felt more.   Good luck!
New Posts  All Forums: