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This was precisely my point, boobfairy. Bad things do happen everywhere. I'm looking into my options. These CNMs do not deliver at the hospital, just birth center & home (non-VBAC). I will be hire a doula if I do go with the hospital rather than the birth center. :) 
I had actually mentioned in a reply that this was a birth center equipped for an emergency. It has the equipment of a level 1 L&D room and a neo-natal ambulance (their words). They are CNMs.   However, to be honest, I'm inclined to step away from this conversation. Obviously, there is still some disagreement in the community about what the facts actually are. Like, for example, where did the 2.7% number come from? I have read 1% or LESS almost everywhere else in my...
I appreciate the input, ladies. It's interesting since I'm getting completely different info from the women I've met through ICAN. I'm so conflicted. :( This article (http://natural-forces.com/essays/vbac.htm) also make it seem a lot less scary. The hospital is 1.1 miles away from the birthing center and they've NEVER lost a mommy or baby. They transfer early rather than trying to push things until the last minute. I really feel like they make birthing center VBACs...
I guess I always just taught to be polite and kind. You can have opinions without being outright rude and cruel while delivering them.
True, but seriously, that was a pretty harsh list that you knew would be very upsetting. It basically implied to me that if *I* choose a birthing center based on my own list... that basically, I was putting my child's life and my own life in peril. That may be your beliefs, but there was no reason for you to share your particular fears in such a harsh and polarizing manner on here. It was incredibly upsetting. You could have phrased it simply as "I made a pros/cons list...
And is this just how you broke it down for your own confidence or based on facts? Is your hospital's OR on standby while you're laboring? The birth center I'm looking at is just 5-15 minutes away from 3 hospitals, has an OB on call, pediatrician downstairs (if in evening, on call), and is armed with all the emergency equipment of a level 1 L&D room, emergency room & neonatal ambulance.    I'm sorry to seem sassy, but I just don't see how it was productive to break it...
Wow. I understand that was how you broke things down, but thanks for frightening me. 
I just met with them this week and I am 99% positive I'm going to sign up to do a VBAC there. :D I'd just love to hear some personal stories!
I'd still love to read your stories, but after browsing through years of threads with HBAC vs Hospital VBAC debates... I've made my decision. I'm going to go to the birthing center. :D
This thread is SO inspirational. As a mom of an 11 pound 2 ounce baby who is considering a VBAC.. it's so nice to hear large baby success stories!! :D
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