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Hemp rocks. It is so more absorbent than cotton and so much better for the enviroment
Well I really just want to cry right now. The bleeding is so heavy and so much pain. I just want to lay in bed and forget life. Can't though even though thos life didn't get to go doesn't mean mine stops
Yes still nursing. I am bleeding right now.... But cervix is still soft and high......
No I don't really have a doctor here
So we have been in the ttc mind set for about a year now. Unfortunatley ovulation has had different plans. Had my first ppaf last month. ( my naby turned 2 today to give you a time line) For the past two weeks I have been feeling like crap. Like early pregnancy symptoms crap. Very nasuated and all that junk. I don't sleep solid so I was told that doing temp wouldn't work. I know about when I ovulated because I tend to just feel warmer. I have been checking my cervix and...
I don't know cycle length for sure. For a 28 dayI'm late now. Another negative test this morning. 36 cycle will be Monday which I bounce back and forth before. I am getting so sick of this stress.
I think testing is going to happen tomorrow morning.
I have a question for you. I know that checking your cervix is not a reliable method, and all that blah blah blah.    We have been ttc for a year but I was lacking a crucial part, ovulation. My youngest is 2 next week and I had my first ppaf at the beginning of Feb. According to the "normal cycle" I should be due for AF on Monday. Here is where the cervix thing comes into play. My cervix is now closed and high. I have been checking regularly, I know about when it...
My older guy Is very Kinesthetic- bodily and an Interpersonal. I knew that one already though. I'm glad to see though that he is very balance through the other styles.
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