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What kinds of quick breads do you make? Where do you find recipes?
There are so many hummous recipes out there. What is your family's favorite? I'd like to get back into making rather than buying hummous. It's so expensive to buy, and it seems silly to buy it actually. Can hummous be frozen? For how long can it be refrigerated?
I looked around and could not find anything that wasn't plastic. So, I just use the big bag inside a big Rubbermaid bin. At least the flour isn't touching the plastic I figure.
A real treat would be strawberries, I bet! Delicious, vitamin C and no waste. The yogurt dip would be a nice touch. You could also consider muffins. You can hide a lotta goodness in a muffin while still having it taste delicious. Perhaps seasonal fruit muffins? With some flax? Wheat germ? Low sugar?
We use canned salmon in a recipe for salmon fettuccine. Basically, cook the fettuccine, then make a white sauce and add some cheese and the canned salmon to the white sauce. Toss and eat! Actually, I have leftovers of this in the fridge right now. It's a very easy weeknight meal.
Hi I'm new from Canada! I have 5 little ones ranging from 10 to nearly new.
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