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If she has something she enjoys then let her be!  She'll outgrow it when she is ready. My niece was still doing pretend play (mouse family for example) at an age when her peers where doing typical teen things.  I couldn't believe how weird she was.  She is now a college student and didn't have any of the teen drama through her high school years.  She seemed to go from being a child to an adult while skipping all the angsty stuff.   My 13 year old rarely plays with...
I've been a SAHM for about 12 years now with DP earning the only income.  Within the next 24 months she will be getting a "promotion" that will actually drop our income substantially (by 80%!) for about 3 years.  It will then go back to where it is now for about a year and then slowly increase until retirement at age 65.  So while it will be very painful for the short term in the long term it is better for our family.   We plan to pull about 100k from a retirement plan...
Just saying hi. My 4 kids range from 6-13. I don't feel like we have any real issues with the two mom thing. Plenty of other troubles though!!! Lol.
Your annual income alone doesn't say much about your socioeconomic status.  100k where I live qualifies a family of 5 for low income housing. 
?? So do you also avoid playgrounds, airports, grocery stores and just about every other public place?To me that is like never bathing since most household accidents happen in the bathroom.
You can go up the slide unless someone wants to come down.  Going down the slide has right of way.
I think it seems reasonable.  I would certainly try it once and see how it works.  Then reevaluate before moving forward.   Hope the medical stuff works itself out.   btw, Waimea Beach is one of our favorites in the summer!
I sometimes wish gas prices were much higher bc then people might make changes in how they live, At the same time DP's job stability is impacted by fuel prices (commercial aviation) so I don't really wish for it. If all fuel prices rose- Personally, we would bike more than we do. Our house is mostly heated by wood but maybe we would heat fully with wood. DP only commutes to work one day a week so it wouldn't change where we live.
I can't believe the cost of food on Oahu. We are just here for the summer and our diets have changed drastically because of the cost. I knew the produce we ate would change based on what grows locally but we are finding it soooo expensive that we are eating more junk because it is much cheaper. I've always been one of those "It doesn't cost more to eat well" sort of people, but holy smokes, it sure does here! Also we are camping the whole time so cooking needs to be...
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