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I liked Mothering on FB!
Um because I never said that. I am so sick of people on here reading stuff into what I post and then getting mad, like that is what I said, when it isn't at all. It's the whole "you implied this or that" that really gets me, when if you read the ENTIRE post, you would understand what I said. If you just pick something out of context, yeah it could seem rude...I guess I am just not expressing myself well. I really am not a UAV IRL...Text medium is just not my thing...
Oh, ok...I didn't understand what you meant.
Are you talking about the part where you snap in the harness, the part that comes up between the legs?
Did you actually think that saying "all babies are high needs, imo" to someone who said she has a high needs child wasn't going to offend? You basically just said that people with high needs babies are overly dramatic or are lying or something.     OMG, why are people CONTINUALLY putting words into my mouth???ARGH. Just forget it.
I give up. I guess what ever I say is going to offend somebody. Beautiful weather we are having, yeah???
The Recaros straps are adjustable. I don't really understand what you mean about that. My DD has been in the Recaro since we took her home from the hospital, and she fit just fine in the seat...
This is what drives me nuts about this forum sometimes. People always think I am implying something specifically about them, when really I am not. That is not what I meant at all. And I don't think that is the same thing as telling a depressed person to be happy either.   I have worked really really hard to get to where I am with DD. ALL babies are "high needs" IMO, I am not really sure what the definition of that is, anyway. All children are different, it is not for me...
I guess I don't really see how what I am saying is hurtful, so sorry to offend, I am just stating an opinion here, not trying to make anyone feel bad.
I totally agree with you!! I spend a lot of time cleaning up messes that I just cleaned up too.
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