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Lynn delivered my dd. I was very happy with her, and with the L&D people at community, but the maternity people were another story. We had terrible latching problems at first and the nurses were really not very helpful about it. A few in particular were really bad: kept putting sugar water on my nipples and leaving the room as soon as dd would go for it, if she would, so when dd wouldn't stay on for more than a couple of seconds I'd be left to try again on my own, which...
We are very seriously considering finding a new ped. Please recommend any Syracuse area docs who are vegan-friendly and ok with delayed vaccing (and ideally accepting new patients). Thank you.
We just side-carred our crib. It was definitely the way to go for us. We also have a queen sized bed and had had dd sleeping between us most of the time for a few weeks leading up to us moving and sidecarring her crib. When we were doing it, dh confessed to me that he has absolutely hated cosleeping that way since he was terrified of rolling over and killing dd. Actually, I had been a little worried about that too after reading that babies shouldn't sleep between their...
I get terrible eczema every winter, and in recent years have been using Badger Balm if I get spots. It works super well for me. My dd also has it, and I have recently started using it on her spots, and it's really helping. ETA: when I tried eucerine on myself last winter, it actually made it worse. It's what I used when I was a kid though.
Hi all, I haven't been posting in the previous March 2010 threads, but figured I'd start. Anyway, dd is 6 months +1 week (March 1). She has no teeth still, but I think one will cut through any time now as she's been chomping on everything for a long time, it's getting worse and I can kind of feel one under her gums. She is almost crawling, rocking on her hands and knees, doing a sort of inchwormy scootch. Dh says she crawled across the bed once, but I have yet to see her...
I've been wondering the same thing. My dd is 6 months. She only does H, and the occasional N, maybe M??? and G and even more rarely L sounds, and only does some of the vowels. Lots of As, Es and Is in different forms but no Os or really Us yet. On the other hand she loves making dinosaur screech-roars, and is actually pretty expressive considering her limited vocalizations.
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaPhD I guess the OPs issue has been resolved. But wanted to quickly add you can't leave a pool drained. The structure needs the weight of the water to stabilize, so if you leave it empty, you are most likely damaging the pool and it will crack and become unsuable very quickly. Not to mention it will fill with rainwater and quickly become a cesspool of mosquito-breeding. Something to think about especially if...
Not ready to potty train yet, but yeah, I'm another adult who won't poop in public unless it's an absolute emergency. I have been known to drive like a maniac to get home to do so in a hurry (no, not with the baby in the car for anyone wondering).
Seventh Generation baby liquid. Baby and I both have sensitive skin, I have chem sensitivities and asthma, often triggered by chemical scents so unscented is the most important thing for me. We also use arm and hammer free and clear for me and dh, and I accidentally washed a load of dd's stuff in it recently, it seemed to be ok but I'm thinking of switching us all to 7th gen since it's vegan and probably better for the environment.
Ah, I saw you. But of course had no way to recognize you. I did not have the baby with me but was wearing the shirt I described. I was the punk girl in the back corner. Oops.
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