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So.... What happened? Was there from 9 - 9:40. Don't appreciate being stood up.
That would be me... how will we recognize each other? I may or may not have the baby with me... I'm wearing a Resistant Culture T shirt if that helps, provided it doesn't get puked on too badly between now and then, and if she's in the ergo you wont be able t see the design anyway, but you'll recognize the old pinkish ergo...
Quote: Originally Posted by rhiOrion BUT, my sister came up with a better suggestion. I'm going to get a very 80s looking outfit (which shouldn't be difficult since the 80s are back), and figure out some natural way to spike and/or color her natural mohawk (any suggestions?), then I'm going to scrunch some babylegs for leg warmers, and give her a cardboard keytar or double-necked guitar. 80s rocker chick baby. Nice... for the hair... any...
my dd has been sleeping on her tummy most of the time since she was about 3.5 mo. when she started being able to roll over well and just refused to stay on her back most of the time. I was worried about it at first but she'd wake up and roll back over any time I switched her to her back, so I gave up and let her do what she wants. She hasn't been swaddled since like 1 mo though so she's quite free to move around. I think I'd be more worried about it if she were swaddled....
*bump* So, that's this sunday... is anyone else interested?
I googled my username and the first thing that popped up was a photo blog by another punk mommy. Sweet. Then Poison Girls lyrics which is what I expected.
That sounds good. Sorry I haven't gotten around to calling and haven't gone there in a while. I'm still in amazement at how fast the time goes by with a baby! I was popping on here to suggest it be soon before the SU kids get back when I saw your post. (According to the SU website, move in starts the 25th, but that's just the dorms and doesn't account for those living off campus. They hopefully won't come til the last minute either.)
I'm curious what you all do about this: if you're baby falls asleep in your bed and you sneak away, what do you do to keep them safe? My almost 5 month old used to fall asleep on me then I'd transfer her to her crib but lately has been sleeping better cuddled up to me in bed. Sometimes I can transfer her to the crib after she's out, sometimes she wakes up. She's more likely to wake up if it's for a nap than nighttime sleep. So now I'm afraid to leave her in the bed but...
yep. I've banished him to the couch for snoring and grinding his teeth twice now in the last week. Sucks but I have to sleep. The worst is when I'm doing all the nighttime parenting (SAHM so it's part of the deal when he has to work in the morning) and I'll get the baby to sleep only to have him wake her every time by snoring. I love him but it makes me want to hurt him after a while so banishing him to the couch is as much for his safety as for my benefit.
I did a ton of research on this a few years ago. Personally I wouldn't use fluoride at all. Google "skeletal fluorosis." It erodes your skeleton so i just don't see how it could possibly be good for teeth. The conspiracy theory side of the debate is pretty interesting too, to say the least. http://fluoridealert.org/fluoride-statement.htm http://www.fluoridation.com/calgaryl.htm http://www.ahealedplanet.net/fluoride.htm
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