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Lynn Hickox delivers at community general. She delivered my dd and was great. Community's l and d staff was great, but the pp recovery stuff was a little lacking, especially when I needed help with latching issues. I totally recommend lynn though, and there have been rumors for a while that community general will just merge with van dyne and become exclusively a nursing home, but that's been rumored for a long time so who knows. Hopefully lynn will get privileges at...
i know it's very last minute but sat does work for me depending on what time. that said, it's down to the wire now on timing and doesn't seem like there's a lot of interest. maybe we should move it back a few weeks? did you ever call and find out what times are best? if not, would you like me to do it?
Darien Lake http://www.godarienlake.com/ is pretty cool. If you go, bring lots of sunscreen, i've never not gotten a sunburn going there.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ravensong13 We have a Faery tea party on Midsummer now ( 2 years running). DD wears wings and a dress she picks out, we do bubbles and glitter and have raw honey on rolls with some fruit, blooming flower tea and little edible flowers. We have all this in the backyard with dancing to 'dance magic dance' by Bowie and Faery hunting in the evening. This year I taught dd about leaving offerings to the Fay and asking for blessings. I...
I'm torn between these two carriers. DD is 4mo and has good head control. She rode in my sister's ergo once and liked it but that was only once and I'm afraid she'll change her mind - she did this about the ring sling: loved it at first then started to hate it. Mei tais seem similar and I found really cute ones (with grey skulls! ) for way cheaper than the ergo, though I'm watching a few cheaper ergos on ebay at the moment. If anyone has tried both which was most...
I should probably reread it. I think I took it as being a little pro cio since we often have trouble distinguishing my dd's vocalizations intentions. She VERY rarely actually cries, but gets really vocal about things, so I feel like just letting her vocalize for its own sake is on par with ignoring cries since she's usually trying to tell us something important.
hildare I just have to thank you for posting the socimages blog. I hadn't seen that before and totally dig it.
xmysticprincessx, I sure am! meksmama, that's a good question about bringing the kids. I just assumed I'd bring dd since I have no idea if dh will be working, and being 4 mo she's highly portable. I assume none of us want to have to arrange babysitting...
When in doubt, why not just take an OTC pregnancy test? The peace of mind is totally worth it IMO. That said, I'm 4 mo pp and have had two periods. Cycle length of 48 days! Last time I literally had a dream that I might want to take a pg test and got my period the next day, so for what it's worth it is possible that it's just being weird.
i vote for either thurs or sat (the 13th is the coliseum/burning love/mammoth grinder show - I don't know if any of you are into that, but I'm stoked on it). I don't know what time works for you all, but i'd really prefer it not be in the morning whatever day is chosen, but will go with whatever you all want as long as it's not the evening of the 13th.
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